KoF:Arena Season 5 Tier List Explained

SnakeChibi posted 9m ago
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Here's my opinion regarding the season 5 tier list:

S - Orochi and Goenitz: These two can never be down in an S tier even if they will be nerf in the future. The ability to strike long range and avoid close quarter combat with insane skills is punishable to the players.

A - Maxima, K', and Kula: These 3 new heroes still deals a lot of dmg. Perfect for players who likes to wait, defend or evade then strike.

  • - Shermie and Orochi Yashiro: These grabbers are annoying especially if you know how to play them. I did not include Clark in tier A because his grab is easy to predict and deal less dmg.

  • - All remaining tier A heroes: These heroes is based on their damage dealt and overall convenience in the game.

B - This is almost the same as tier A with a little bit of overall dmg and ability to use the heroes. I put this in B tier because i rarely use this heroes but i think some of the heroes in this tier can be in the Tier A. It depends on the players.

C - Heroes with combo's: This tier consist of heroes who has the ability to juggle(combo) opponents and also have the chance to win a perfect match; especially if your facing a bot. These are heroes who likes to never let an opponent land a single hit with the right timing and skills; but they also deals less dmg. I'm not good with that, that's why i put it in this tier. 不

D - And these are the heroes i never use. I find them very easy to beat. Their skills are predictable and easy to dodge. Even with the buffed on Shingo, he's still lacking surprise mechanic to make opponent suffer. I hope next patch they make "Shingo Kick" triple just to make up for the lack of dmg 不

So there you have it, that's my Tier list i season 5 in my own opinion. I hope they do something to Orochi and Goenitz; because those two are still broken. 不