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Key Highlights

  • King of Fighters Arena is the first installment in the King of Fighters franchise to feature blockchain-based Fight-and-Earn tokens.
  • Play the game anytime, anywhere by downloading the King of Fighters Arena mobile app from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
  • Use King of Fighters Arena's mobile-friendly directional inputs to execute combo and finisher moves to KO your opponents.
  • Equip your fighters with Controller NFTs to earn $FM tokens when you win 1v1 Single and 3v3 Elimination matches.
  • Use your $FM tokens at the Diamond Exchange Shop to buy Black Diamonds to level up your Controller NFTs.

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About King of Fighters ARENA

Join King of Fighters ARENA (KOF Arena), the all-new action-oriented real-time PvP action game by Netmarble that is inspired by the King of Fighters series by SNK. Built by MARBLEX on the Klaytn blockchain, this game will allow players around the world to engage in combat fighting action with each other and earn tokens. In addition, the game also has an “Own-to-Earn” system that will reward players for investing long term in the game and helping to build the ecosystem. In King of Fighters Arena (KOF Arena), you can choose from a roster of over 70 characters to build your own team and compete against other players in real-time battles. The gameplay mechanics of King of Fighters Arena (KOF Arena) are similar to those found in traditional fighting games, with special moves, combos, and super attacks that require precise timing and execution. Newbies should expect a steep learning curve in King of Fighters Arena (KOF Arena) as they familiarize themselves with the various characters and their unique abilities. If you are new to King of Fighters Arena (KOF Arena), you can experiment with different team compositions and strategies to find what works best for your playstyle. As you progress through the ranks in King of Fighters Arena (KOF Arena), you'll earn currency that can be used to unlock new characters or upgrade existing ones. To improve your skills in King of Fighters Arena (KOF Arena), you can explore the multiple game modes including story mode, arcade mode, survival mode, and PvP battles, each with its own challenges and rewards, You can join a guild or community group in King of Fighters Arena (KOF Arena) for tips and advice from more experienced players. This can also help you find teammates for cooperative gameplay modes in King of Fighters Arena (KOF Arena) like Team Battle or Guild Wars.