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King of Fighters Arena (KOFA) Controller Guide for Uber Beginners

AG-Ophelia posted a year ago
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What is a controller and how to earn a token with them?

Definition of a controller: 

In simple terms, it is an NFT in-game asset that can be rented for free or purchased. 

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  • Increase overall FM mining output

  • Chances to obtain a mystery box to unbox gems, to further enhance your controller

What token can you earn in King of Fighters Arena (KOFA)?

The Fighters’ Club Token (FCT) is a utility token you gain through mining in King of Fighters Arena. 

How to obtain these tokens?

Quick Formula to understand: 

Battle to Earn > Fight Money (FM) mining > Black Diamond (BD) > Claim Fighter’s Club Token (FCT)

Note: Following steps must be done on PC. Mobile players will need to connect their account through the Game Client (Read: Starter Tips For Mobile Players here in order to perform the steps outlined below: 

  1. Participate in ‘Quick Battle’ 

  2. Complete a battle to obtain Fight Money (FM) 

  3. Equipping a controller enhance mining results (obtain more FM)

  4. To obtain FCT, visit ‘Token Exchange’ Shop

  5. Select option to ‘Convert FM to FCT’ 

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  6. At the point of writing, the current rate of exchange stands at 1 FCT: 1,200 FM 

  7. You will require ‘Black Diamond’ to complete the transaction. They act as ‘Gas Fee’ or ‘Transaction Fees’ in layman terms.  

  8. Every Tuesday, the Black Diamond exchange will open. Make a sum of exchange of your accumulated FM to Black Diamond in the shop. (Note: Do not exchange all your FM) 

  9. It takes 20% of the exchange price, with Black Diamonds, to complete the exchange transaction of FM to FCT

What controller grade is the best?

Out of 5 gradings, the best NFT controllers grade known are legendary, but I have not seen this godly controllers yet. These NFTs which are readily available for rent and purchase are mostly ‘common’ and ‘uncommon’ grade. 

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What is the best way to yield the most from a controller? 

Of the 4 attributes of all the controllers (Efficiency, Luck, Comfort, Resilience), Efficiency works out to be the best and fastest way to maximize mining of FMs. The higher the efficiency is, the higher yield can be expected from mining FM, obtained from a match (regardless of win/loss) Every 4 points of a controller gives you ~30 FM increase rate. 

The ratio I am working with right now, which works well for me, is 

Efficiency: 4 x Points than the controller level 

Luck: Points a little over my current controller level

Resilience: Points a little over my current controller level

My controller example: 

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Importance of wanting to earn more FMs? 

You will earn some FMs regardless of whether you win or lose in a quick battle. 

FM can be split into the following uses: 

  • For normal players even WITHOUT controllers, you can use the FM to increase mastery points of your preferred fighters 

  • For augmented players WITH controllers, you can 

    • Obtain higher yield in FM mining through each battle 

    • With higher returns you can choose to level up controller further or Increase mastery points of preferred fighters too

    • Reserve some funds to repair your controller 

Example below: 

  • Start with any common controllers of low level can earn you 239 FM per battle won 

  • After it has been levelled up, each battle won will now earn you 468 FM

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How much is the controller and the best place to get them?

An average cost of a common controller in the marketplace is about 34MBX (~31USD) at the point of writing.

In my opinion however, the best way of rental access is through guild scholarships, where dividends are higher in percentages. Plus, you are backed with other fanatics within the community. 

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