🥑How to Download Apeiron and Play Apeiron Season 1🌌

4Llan posted a year ago
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How to Download Apeiron

  1. You need to have Polygon Chain on Metamask Wallet

  2. Go to Apeiron Marketplace (https://marketplace.apeironnft.com/) and Signup

  3. Go to Battle Demo section and choose Download Client (It's available for both MacOS and Windows)
    you can use this link: https://marketplace.apeironnft.com/battle/demo/download/

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  4. Congrats🥂you've download the game! But you need battle pass for it. Let's continue on "How to Play"

How to Play Apeiron

  1. On Marketplace go to Battle Demo, and choose Battle Pass
    you can use this link: https://marketplace.apeironnft.com/battle/demo/pass/

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  2. You need both Lunar Fragment and Solar Fragment

  3. Burn it to get more play time

  4. You can get Lunar Fragment and Solar Fragment from Avocado DAO
    if you likely to participate to Speed Run Event for S2 Early Access
    Contact Aikomato#0079 or Footman George#8354 on Discord after you register to our Speed Run Event


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  5. Alternatively you can Register for Season 2 instead!
    Register here : https://www.avocadodao.io/quests/apeiron-season-2-registration-1YWp5EeehXEEB93vccp3Bb/

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Thank you for reading through all the guides, I hope you understand the game better and start earning too!
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