Learn how to play Apeiron, the world's first God Game on the Blockchain

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    Foonie Magus Pte Ltd
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    Hong Kong
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Key Highlights

  • Apeiron is a blockchain-based Play-and-Earn game that features God Game and RPG battle modes through which you can collect, trade, and battle with unique digital assets.
  • In Apeiron's God Game mode, you will rule over your Planet NFT to earn $ANIMA, the game's Play-and-Earn token.
  • Gather Dood Followers on your Planet and summon your Avatar to unlock Apeiron's RPG battle mode.
  • In RPG battle mode, fight through dungeons and build a team of Apostles NFT to complement your Avatar.
  • Take your powered-up Avatar to participate in PvP tournaments to earn $APEIROS, the governing token of Apeiron.
  • Apeiron is playable now via it's Seasonal Battle Demos.

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  • Morning Star Ventures
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  • Infinity Ventures
  • Hashed
  • GuildFi
  • YGG Sea
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About Apeiron

Apeiron is a blockchain God game that brings out the best of strategic skills in every player. Inspired by other household names in the same genre, namely Populous, and Black and White, the innovative feature of Apeiron is that it combines blockchain with the strategy gameplay elements of God simulation battles, roguelikes, and massively multiplayer online. The blockchain-based features of the NFT God Game Apeiron allow you to take on the role of “Godling”, a newborn wandering God to guide your own Planet by ruling over using strategy and earn from. Planet is the primary NFT of Apeiron, and you will need to have at least one Planet to start playing God the game. Once you have acquired your Planet, you have the Godly option of initiating the Armageddon phase to earn Soul Gems and ANIMA tokens which is the Apeiron's Play-and-Earn token. Other NFTs in Apeiron are Stars, Relics and Apostles. Stars buff the aging process of your Planets. As for Relics, they offer you more strategy guide options through additional skill cards to use. Lastly, Apostles which can be acquired by playing the dungeons can be used to power up your Avatar. As the God of your Planet in Apeiron's Godiverse, you will be tasked to guide your Planets and its denizens either with the strategy of benevolence or an iron fist. In the game's God simulation mode, you can grow abundant fields to keep your followers fed and happy or rain down fireballs to teach them a hard lesson. This groundbreaking God game let's you decide on how to rule and guide your Planet. Regardless of your choice of strategy, you would be uncovering the secrets of the game's Godiverse and challenging yourself with intense dungeons and unpredictable foes.