A guide to Treeverse, the top-down classless MMORPG where cooperation is key.

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In this crossover RPG, you may be whomever you want to be and do whatever you can imagine in this amazing place full of wonder and adventure. Begin your quest at the city of Elderwall, which is safeguarded by the World Tree, and plunge yourself into this realm of exotic beasts while being surrounded by Jovians and Sidhe. To put your abilities to the test, use primordial energy to forge unique weapons and defeat monsters.

As you explore the wonders of this magical land, you will face off against vicious animals, harvest priceless materials, craft magnificent weapons, and connect with other people. Afterall, the game aims to bring the wacky world of Web3 gaming to all the fun-loving folks out there,

The game's appealing artistic graphic style is what really sets it apart from other blockchain games. With influences from games like Journey and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the game whisks you away to a whimsical, light-fantasy world where you may let your creativity soar.

Key Highlights
  • Treeverse is an open-world RPG that combines Web3 functionalities with mobile gaming.
  • Experience the Web3 crossover element of Treeverse through its Timeless Characters NFTs. These NFTs are unique anime profile pictures that double up as playable in-game characters.
  • Change the lore of Treevese through the actions of your Timeless Characters NFTs, which feed into the game's dynamic event system.
  • Treeverse's dynamic event system is responsive to your choice of playstyle, be it lone wolf or social butterfly.
  • Regardless of your playstyle, Treeverse's immersive "Story Mode" allows you to dig into the game's extensive lore through quests presented by dynamic NPCs.
How to play Treeverse (1) Gameplay

Loopify and his team have made the decision to introduce dynamic events into their environment in order to deliver a special gaming experience that only Treeverse can offer. Like scattering tiny seeds in Treeverse, players can have a variety of effects on the planet. These impacts will gradually develop over time into something that may alter the environment within Treeverse and directly impact the game experience and lore of all players. So that everyone may participate in our game.

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Treeverse Land (Source:

Another unique aspect of Treeverse is its classless "knowledge tree" system, which allows players to allocate points towards character stats and attributes in a way that suits their playstyle. This system aims to attract a diverse range of players by allowing everyone to find their place in the game without being limited by predetermined classes.

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Strengthen your character! (Source:

In Treeverse, players can engage in activities like mining and woodcutting or pursue side quests to interact with others. These activities can foster player-to-player socialization in several ways:

  • Mining and woodcutting in a game can encourage player-to-player socializing in a variety of ways. Players, for example, may collaborate to execute mining or woodcutting jobs more effectively, or they may trade resources or commodities obtained from these activities with other players.
  • Side quests can also allow gamers to work together and collaborate to reach a shared goal. Furthermore, tasks such as mining and woodcutting can offer players with a common experience that they can debate and connect over.

Treeverse's creators acknowledge the value of streaming and claim that the game's diversified gameplay and social aspects will give streamers a ton of material to offer with their viewers. When PVP is available, it will also be a fun approach for groups of people to get together and play on the same server. As at the time of writing, there is no indication as to when the PVP mode would be available.

(a) State of Flow

Nonetheless, it's not just the endless adventures and social connections that make Treeverse so appealing. In accordance with a psychological theory called flow, or the State of Flow, the game can also induce a sense of total immersion in an activity.

With Treeverse, users may fully immerse themselves in a virtual world while taking part in activities that are just challenging enough to keep them interested but not to the point where they get dissatisfied. As a result, the user enters a state of flow in which they are totally absorbed in what they are doing and lose track of time.

So, how does state of flow actually work here? Several factors can assist players in entering a state of flow when playing a game like Treeverse:

  • Clear aims and goals: NPCs will be giving out quests for players to conquer. Having clear objectives and goals like these quests may keep people motivated and engaged.

  • Challenge: Loopify and team made it clear that there’ll be tasks that are deemed challenging while others that are easy to clear. The activity should present just the right amount of difficulty to keep consumers interested without becoming annoying.

  • Control: Users who purchased NFTs will be able to own their assets and have the freedom to decide what they wish to do with those. Furthermore, Treeverse’s dynamic events allow players to alter and impact on the game’s conclusion and overall environment.

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Clear, Challenge, and Control (Source:

Numerous advantages of the flow state have been demonstrated, including enhanced enjoyment, better productivity, and even improved cognitive abilities. Therefore, Treeverse is not only a ton of fun, but it also has the potential to be psychologically healthy.

The next time you are feeling anxious or overburdened, think about entering Treeverse and experiencing the State of Flow for yourself. Who knows, you might discover that it's the ideal diversion from your routine and an opportunity to totally embrace your inner goofball. What a win-win circumstance!

(2) Game Modes

Through interesting main quests that are presented to you by dynamic NPCs, each with their own distinct storylines, Treeverse's immersive "Story Mode" enables you to dig into the game's extensive lore which takes place in dungeons.

(a) Dungeons and More Dungeons

Numerous locations offer the chance to engage in combat with unusual and enigmatic beasts for those looking for a little thrill. Take on these tasks by yourself or join forces with other players to combat much more difficult opponents. Rise to the top of the rankings and establish yourself as one of the finest explorers in the Treeverse.

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Dungeons and Beast (Source:

(b) Future of Co-op

Making Treeverse a fun place to spend time will mostly depend on the social aspects of MMO. Although Treeverse began with PVE, it will soon add PVP as well. When questioned about their upcoming Co-op/PVP intentions, Loopify responded:

"We are considering a variety of systems. Cooperative gaming is one of our game's core values because, like all games, it has some fundamental principles. This implies that when PvP is released, it will adhere to the same core values and we will develop systems that do take demographics into account.”

(c) Building, Forging, and Foraging

You can construct your ideal home in Treeverse on your very own piece of land. You may either make it public for everyone of your friends and guild members to join and chill out there, or you can remain private. In other words, friends or guild members will have the chance to enter your land/home and interact with one another, be it trading or purely for conversational purposes.

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Create your dream home in Treeverse (Source:

Other thrilling and gratifying activities include gathering supplies and crafting unique weapons to barter, be it to NPCs, players, OpenSea or Treeverse’s in-game marketplace.

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Gather and Craft Unique Weapons! (Source:

(3) In-game Economy

The game is supported by two in-game currencies:

  1. Gold Saps: The primary currency used in Treeverse.

  2. Prime Emerald: The supplementary currency used to acquire more functions.

As the game is still in the pre-Alpha testing phase, the details have yet to be ironed out. Check this space for more information moving forward.


Timeless Characters are exceptional anime profile pictures (PFPs) that will also serve as playable characters in Treeverse and are distinct from regular characters. Timeless Characters are purely for cosmetic purposes as Players will be able to distinguish themselves, stand out from the crowd, and demonstrate their enthusiasm for the game through these NFTs.

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Treeverse's PFP (Source:

FPPs are simply Land NFTs that symbolize Plots in the Treeverse that may be created and constructed upon. There are no unique characteristics or traits shared by any plots. Holders of FPPs will be capable of teleporting back to their home in Treeverse and customize its exterior and interior. Additionally, landowners have the option of renting out their plots to other players for a fee determined by the FPP holder.

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Treeverse Plots (Source:

The initial series of 421 8-bit tree pictures known as NFTrees served as a major influence on the creation of the video game Treeverse. NFTrees are "factory NFTs" that generate consumable in-game fruits that, depending on the kind of fruit or tree, grant players brief temporary bonuses. The fruit will differ for each trait on a tree. The more rare... the better. That is, each fruit has its own set of statistics! Once a NFTree has been planted, the cost of interacting with a Nftree is set by the tree's owner. The owner receives 90% of the $SEED paid for the fruit, while 10% is burned.

As of writing, the floor price of NFTrees is at 12.3 ETH ($2,410 USD).

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NFTrees (Source:


While Treeverse has yet to be launched, it has already stood out from the rest of the Web3 games. Most notably, Loopify and his team will be targeting the mobile gaming scene. With a focus on the mobile gaming market and Web3 capabilities incorporated in a way that doesn't turn off traditional gamers, Treeverse has a good chance of becoming the breakthrough success that introduces the rest of the world to Web3 gaming. So don’t hesitate; sign up and stand a chance to feel timeless in the world of Treeverse!

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