A guide to Treeverse, the top-down classless MMORPG where cooperation is key.

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Key Highlights

  • Treeverse is an open-world RPG that combines Web3 functionalities with mobile gaming.
  • Experience the Web3 crossover element of Treeverse through its Timeless Characters NFTs. These NFTs are unique anime profile pictures that double up as playable in-game characters.
  • Change the lore of Treevese through the actions of your Timeless Characters NFTs, which feed into the game's dynamic event system.
  • Treeverse's dynamic event system is responsive to your choice of playstyle, be it lone wolf or social butterfly.
  • Regardless of your playstyle, Treeverse's immersive "Story Mode" allows you to dig into the game's extensive lore through quests presented by dynamic NPCs.

Partners & Backers of Treeverse

  • Animoca Brands
  • IDEO Ventures
  • Sky Vision Capital

About Treeverse

In this crossover RPG, you may be whomever you want to be and do whatever you can imagine in this amazing place full of wonder and adventure. Begin your quest at the city of Elderwall, which is safeguarded by the World Tree, and plunge yourself into this realm of exotic beasts while being surrounded by Jovians and Sidhe. To put your abilities to the test, use primordial energy to forge unique weapons and defeat monsters. As you explore the wonders of this magical land, you will face off against vicious animals, harvest priceless materials, craft magnificent weapons, and connect with other people. Afterall, the game aims to bring the wacky world of Web3 gaming to all the fun-loving folks out there, The game's appealing artistic graphic style is what really sets it apart from other blockchain games. With influences from games like Journey and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the game whisks you away to a whimsical, light-fantasy world where you may let your creativity soar.