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Thetan Arena: A Blockchain-Based Web3 MOBA for Esports Fans to Form Teams and Fight Battles

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    Thetan Arena is a blockchain-based esports game in which you can form teams with your friends to battle other players to earn money using your skills. New players of Thetan Arena would receive a free non-tradable level 1 hero NFT known as Raidon. The hybrid model of the game combines the dual elements of Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn. Thetan Arena comprises of two tokens, namely Thetan Coins ($THC) and Thetan Arena ($THG), which serves as the game's utility and governance tokens, respectively. Additionally, Thetan Arena also features Heroes NFTs, which come in different rarity tiers and stats abilities, as well as Cosmetic NFTs, which are items with various in-game functions.

    Key Highlights
    • Esports Game. A 3D turn-based retro-styled tactical MOBA Esports Play-to-Earn Game.
    • Free-to-Play. The starting non-tradable Hero NFT, Raidon, is free and starts at level 1.
    • Multiple Game Modes. The game has five different battle modes of Death Match, Super Star, Tower Siege, Battle Royale, and Custom Battle to cater to different gameplay preferences.
    • Happening Ecosystem. Regular special events and tournaments, including war campaigns and leaderboard competitions.
    • Generous Reward System. A reward system which motivates players to up their gameplay skills to rise up the leaderboards in return for handsome rewards.
    How to Play?

    Thetan Arena is free to play. You will need to create a crypto wallet in order to use THC, and then you can connect to the game through a MetaMask browser extension (an extension for accessing Ethereum-based Dapps).

    When you join Thetan Arena for the first time, start out with a hero named Raidon (for free), who starts at Level 1.

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    The free heroes cannot be sold on the NFT marketplace.

    There are three attributes that define heroes, and you will have to focus on improving these as your hero levels up through the game.

    These attributes are Health, Attack Damage, and Speed.

    Health Point

    Also known as HP, this denotes your pool of life. Hit 0, and your hero dies.

    Attack Damage

    How much damage your hero inflicts on every blow (or the amount of HP that you drain from the opponent on each blow).


    How quickly each blow is delivered.

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    The starting attributes and the rate at which they increase will differ depending on the type of hero you choose. The type of hero you should choose and the features you focus on is totally up to you and your strategy for winning. This is where your personal decision-making prowess will come into play.

    You can also choose between different skills and attacks like Ice Ball, Bubble Prison, Toxic Fluid, and Black Hole. These skills will greatly affect your gameplay and your contribution to your team, so choose wisely.

    Different Game Modes

    With your hero and skills selected, you can jump into different game modes and begin battling enemies in order to level up and progress in your journey. The following are the five battle modes you can choose from

    • Death Match

    In a Death Match, you join or create a team of four and battle against another team of four. The match lasts for 3 minutes, and your only aim is to kill as many opponents as many times as possible. The team with the most kills wins the match. This is a classic team battle.

    • Super Star

    In this mode, you and your team need to capture and own the 'Superstar' in the game before the opponents do to win. The mode hosts a "mother" Superstar that continuously produces Point Stars, which you and your team can collect to accumulate points. The winner is the team with the most points at the end of the game or the team that collects more than 50 points than their opponent at a given moment. You play in teams of two, with four members in each team, and the game lasts for 4 minutes.

    • Tower Siege

    This mode is similar to traditional MOBA games where teams fight each other and try to bring down the opponent's tower to win. This mode hosts two teams of 4 players each and lasts 5 minutes. You and your team have to collect items called 'Battery' to summon a 'Siege Robot' needed to bring down the rival's tower. If both towers are standing at the end of the match, the team whose tower has the most health wins.

    • Battle Royale

    This epic mode can be played solo or as a duo (with a partner). In this mode, 12 players join the battleground and battle it out for a maximum of 4 minutes. The last man standing wins. Once the game starts, after a short time, a ring appears and slowly starts closing in. Players outside the ring are automatically eliminated.

    • Custom Battle

    In this mode, you can create and host your own battle and invite your friends to play. The game's host can choose from many game modes, maps, and other in-game features. The number of players is customizable, and match time depends on the mode chosen.

    At the end of each match, all NFT heroes get $THC rewards depending on the match results and the hero's rarity and skin.

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    Special Events Within the Game

    Along with the five addictive game modes, players can also do side missions and special campaigns. These special events give players a chance to win more and a wider variety of rewards.

    While Some of these campaigns are always available, and some are hosted periodically.

    Special events are highlighted on the game's official website.

    Here are a few exciting games you can expect Campaign and Collection.

    1. Campaign (Player vs. Environment (PvE)

    This is a special event in which players join together to form a team and conquer the battleground. Depending on the campaign, there could be one or more levels or 'chapters.' Each player can choose suitable missions and help the team move forward.

    2. Collection (Player vs. Environment (PvE) & Player versus Player (PvP)

    This is a special event where players fight battles and complete quests to collect 'Event Coins.' You can play this as a team or as a single player. Players can then exchange event coins for rewards at the marketplace or save them as personal belongings.

    3. Leaderboard Competition

    The 'Leaderboard' within Thetan Arena is a ranking system that ranks players based on their in-game achievements. The leaderboard competition is an event that allows players to battle and accrue points that move them up the leaderboard. The aim is to win and secure the highest position, and players in the top 10 position at the end of the event are eligible for rewards. Players with lower ranks do not receive any rewards.

    4. War (Player versus Player (PvP)

    This is an event where a large number of players participate and battle it out at the same time. Players are divided into two groups randomly, and each group will have AI-controlled creeps and bosses that support them to defeat the opponent group.


    Thetan Arena is completely hosted on the blockchain, and all elements within the game exist as NFTs on the blockchain. All items you own within the game as your progress are stored in your crypto wallet as an NFT.

    The marketplace is divided into two broad categories that are Heroes and Cosmetics. You can buy, rent, or sell different heroes and cosmetics like skins and accessories on the marketplace using $THC.

    There are a total of 25 Heroes in Thetan Arena, which are categorized under three types, Tank, Marksman/Shooter, and Assassin. Each type of hero has its own unique set of characteristics. You enter battles with these heroes who level up as you play and win, and this also increases their hero attributes (like HP, attack speed, damage, etc.).

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    • Tanks are expected to partake in the frontline action of the game and have a decent capacity to inflict damage. Additionally, they are popularly used to diminish the damage inflicted.

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    Tank (Source:

    • Marksman/Shooters are damage-inflicting pros. They feature an elaborate list of special skills, including distanced auto attacks. They're known as the most difficult category of heroes to master.

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    • Assassin features high damage capacity, extreme mobility, and 'one-shot-job-done' potential. These heroes are required to get close to the enemies to inflict maximum damage, putting them at high risk.

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    The different heroes within the game are also divided based on rarity, which is categorized into Common, Epic, and Legendary. Each hero can be equipped with different skins that have a rarity level of their own, categorized into Default, Rare, and Mythical.

    A hero's play style and abilities will differ based on the hero's rarity. A hero with higher rarity will have more unique playstyles and abilities and will also have the chance to get bonuses in battle rewards. Similarly, rarer skins will have better cosmetic appeal and more visual effects. Skins and other products can always be purchased or sold in the marketplace.


    If you enjoy playing MOBA games like Heroes Strike and League, you will surely enjoy playing Thetan Arena. The game is quite challenging and requires both strategic thinking and skill. Players enjoy leveling their heroes up, climbing the leaderboard, and earning $THC tokens in progress.

    Whether you want to go solo, play with like-minded gaming enthusiasts, or invite your friends to form a clan and defeat rivals, it's your call! There is a plethora of heroes to play with and an array of weapons and cosmetic NFTs you can buy to curate a unique and enjoyable experience in Thetan Arena.

    So players, unite and let your heroes strike!