Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena: A Blockchain-Based Web3 MOBA for Esports Fans to Form Teams and Fight Battles

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    Key Highlights

    • Esports Game. A 3D turn-based retro-styled tactical MOBA Esports Play-to-Earn Game.
    • Free-to-Play. The starting non-tradable Hero NFT, Raidon, is free and starts at level 1.
    • Multiple Game Modes. The game has five different battle modes of Death Match, Super Star, Tower Siege, Battle Royale, and Custom Battle to cater to different gameplay preferences.
    • Happening Ecosystem. Regular special events and tournaments, including war campaigns and leaderboard competitions.
    • Generous Reward System. A reward system which motivates players to up their gameplay skills to rise up the leaderboards in return for handsome rewards.

    Partners & Backers of Thetan Arena

    • Animoca Brands
    • YGG

    About Thetan Arena

    Thetan Arena is a blockchain-based esports game in which you can form teams with your friends to battle other players to earn money using your skills. New players of Thetan Arena would receive a free non-tradable level 1 hero NFT known as Raidon. The hybrid model of the game combines the dual elements of Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn. Thetan Arena comprises of two tokens, namely Thetan Coins ($THC) and Thetan Arena ($THG), which serves as the game's utility and governance tokens, respectively. Additionally, Thetan Arena also features Heroes NFTs, which come in different rarity tiers and stats abilities, as well as Cosmetic NFTs, which are items with various in-game functions.