Reta Wars

A strategic war simulation game: Win glory for your faction.

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Reta Wars is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game with a strategic element beyond war and battles. Its DAO-based gameplay mechanics stand out from other similarly themed games as the outcome is decided beyond fast reaction time and quick hand movements. Through the deployment of gameplay elements using the DAO mechanism, the strategic thought and wise decisions of players make a key difference in determining the outcome of battles in the game. Using optimized gameplay strategies and making the right decisions will reward them for their contributions during the game's daily simulation battles between the DAO-based factions of Nate and Gaia, which run from 10:00 to 12:00 PM UTC.

Key Highlights
  • Choose between the Reta Wars' goddesses, Nate and Gaia, in this DAO-based strategy war game.
  • Fight for your goddess in Reta Wars' daily simulation battles by contributing resources to and voting on the decisions of your faction.
  • Optimize your resources production rate by upgrading your buildings and strategically placing your Hero NFTs in these buildings.
  • Hold at least four Hero NFTs to claim your DAO votes to participate in the strategic decision-making process of your faction in Reta Wars' daily simulation battles.
  • Get set for full 3D graphics-based battle simulation with the upcoming introduction of Reta Wars' battle simulator 2.0.
Gameplay Introduction

Reta Wars is a P2E game that brings a strategic element beyond just war and battles. While Reta Wars is a war-themed game, it stands out from other similarly themed games as the outcome is decided beyond just fast reaction time and quick hand movements. Through the deployment of strategic elements using the DeFi mechanism, the strategic thought and wise decision of players make a key difference in determining the outcome of battles in Reta Wars. By using optimized strategies and making the right decisions, Reta Wars players will be rewarded for their in-game performance during daily simulation battles between the Nate and Gaia factions which run from 10:00 to 12:00PM UTC.

Image Post
Nate vs Gaia (Source: PlaytoEarn.Online)

Gameplay Progression

To win battles, players must not only send out powerful heroes to the battlefield but also acquire resources to provide supplies to their allies. Resources are a crucial part of the game as they can be used to upgrade buildings, craft weapons, or be sold for profit in the form of $GRTs. However, the most important use of resources is for war as resources contributed by players to their factions can allow them to gain an upper hand. To produce resources, players need three things: heroes, buildings and territories.

(a) Heroes

Heroes play a central role in Reta Wars. Each player must have at least 1 Hero NFT to start playing the game and at least 4 Hero NFTs to claim their votes for the strategic decision making process of their faction with regard to the daily battles. These daily votes can be exercised in relation to the deployment of faction army, the control of the proportion of resources supplied by players, the determination of the cost of production of Minion soldiers and to determine which land to conquer. During the pre-sale period, the maximum number of Hero NFTs which can be owned by a player is 100 though it remains to be seen as to whether this limit remains after the period ends. There are two ways to obtain a Hero NFT:-

Option #1: By acquiring them from other players through the RETA Marketplace:- or

Option #2: By minting them at the Reta Wars' Shop.

The benefit of Option #1 which requires payment in $GRT is that the rarity and ability of the Hero NFT can be known before purchase. Generally, the higher the rarity and ability Stats of a Hero NFT, the higher amount of $GRT it would command for its price. As for Option #2, the Stats of the minted Hero NFT would be fortuitous in nature as it would be determined randomly. The costs for the minting of Heroes NFTs would depend on the number of these NFTs that have been minted. The higher the amount of Hero NFTs that have been minted, the higher their minting costs which are payable in Binance USD ($BUSD) will be.

The rarity of a hero is randomly determined and it ranges from Common to Legendary. The higher the rarity, the greater the sum of its Stats and Skills. Heroes play a key role in the Reta Wars with gameplay revolving around them. Players progress through the game by having their heroes produce resources or sending them into battle.

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Reta Wars' Heroes NFT (Source:

The resource production of heroes is based on a structure which is similar to staking whereby players would need to periodically visit the buildings in their territories to harvest resources. The total production limit of all strategic and natural resources is set in advance, and players can allocate resource production per hour in proportion to the power of the heroes they place in their buildings.

As your heroes work on producing resources, their HP will decrease. Nonetheless, even when their HP is reduced to zero, your heroes would not die, albeit they can no longer produce resources. In order to restore your heroes HP, you would need to use the food which are produced at the ‘farm’ in your territory or bought using $GRT from the Reta Wars Marketplace ("Marketplace"), If you have any extra food produced at your farm, you can sell them for $GRT at the Marketplace. Do take note however that as with any other buildings, farms have their production limits.

Once farms hit their production limits, these limits would not be reset and the only way to continue producing food is by upgrading the farms using resources such as wood and ore. Similar with food, other resources harvested from a player's territory can either be sold at the Marketplace or be supplied to the army of the player's faction to increase their war contribution rankings though this action is only available once every 2 hours.

Players can level up their heroes to increase their combat and production capabilities by using souls and $GRTs. Souls can be obtained by disassembling heroes while $GRTs can be obtained based on players’ contributions or from the selling of resources to the market. A low-rarity hero can achieve the same capabilities to that of a high-rarity hero through levelling up. But the higher the level of the hero, the more it costs to level up. Players also need to take note that when heroes reach a high level, there is a chance that further levelling up may fail. However, failure does not decrease the level of the hero.

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Reta Wars' Heroes Rarity (Source:

(b) Territories

Territories are land in Reta Wars and they are given out to all players who join the game. According to the game's official website, "territory is a personal realm given to players who join the world of Reta Wars. This land is given equally to all." The territories are equipped with the core facilities of the game such as production facilities in the form of buildings. Based on the game's official website, there does not seem to be any expansion mechanism for territory as the reference to the growing of territory is in relation to upgrading of the buildings therein.

Image Post
Reta Wars' Territories (Source:

(c) Buildings

Buildings are built on territories and players can place heroes inside each building in their territories. The buildings that heroes are placed in will affect their abilities to produce resources. Therefore, it is important to place them in the buildings where the heroes will perform best. This is where the ‘strategy part’ of the game comes in. Buildings can be upgraded, with the use of resources, to become larger facilities to house more heroes.

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Reta Wars' Buildings (Source:

Each time a building is upgraded, more heroes can be placed here, and more resources can be stored. The strategic placement of heroes would depend on the type of resources which are required by your faction and the level of your heroes. For example, if your faction requires food, the strategic move would be to place your heroes who are Leaders in farms.

Additionally, there are a total of 8 heroes in Reta Wars each of which has their own story that renders them to be most suited to be strategically placed in certain buildings and facilities. For example, Angelica aka The Wolf Slayer hails from a farmer family. Angelica's food production skills render her to be most suited to be placed in farms.

Another hero is Tyrion who used to be champion of the Baron Arena but is now a lone mercenary. Tyrions' combat skills render him to be most suited to be placed in barracks. There's also Hoober who is the first pupil of the magic engineer Krane. Hoober's engineering know-how renders him to be most suited to be placed in mines. The other 5 heroes are Beyonce, Glados, Klose, Olivia and Dave whose background stories as well as best suited buildings and facilities for placement can be found on Reta Wars' official website.

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The Background Stories of the Heroes of Reta Wars (Source: Wars)

In addition to the upgrading of buildings and placement of heroes to maximize the production of resources, players need to strategize their game plan by:-

  • Using a variety of data to maximize the growth rate and revenue generation of their territories;

  • Optimizing the use of the window which opens once every 2 hours to supply resources to the army of their respective faction;

  • Ensuring that there are sufficient resources stored in the buildings of their territories to support the army of their respective faction in the daily battles;- and

  • Choosing the the heroes with the right Stats to be Leaders and Managers, whose Power is increased by 30% and 10% respectively, as the allocation for the promotion of heroes is limited.

Daily Battles Simulation

The daily battles which run from 10:00 to 12:00PM UTC involve a collective effort by players of each faction to triumph against players of the opposing faction. One of the key factors which determine the outcome of the daily battles is the amount of resources that each faction has. Players can help their respective factions win the daily battles by contributing resources to their faction's war efforts. There is an in-game interface that compares the total amount of resources and troops contributed by the players of each faction.

Image Post
Comparison of Resources Interface (Source: Avocado DAO)

In the event they find that their faction is lagging behind the opposing faction in terms of contribution of a resource, players who have stockpiles of the relevant resource can contribute these resources to support the war efforts of their respective faction. This would help optimize the chances of their faction emerging victorious in the daily battles simulation.

Moving on to warfare strategy, before the start of the daily battles simulation, players who have at least 4 Hero NFTs can vote in relation to the Management, Deployment, and Leadership strategies of their respective faction. In relation to Deployment for example, players can vote as to whether to have a strong front, strong middle or strong back for the positioning of the troops of their respective faction.

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Deployment Voting Interface (Source: Avocado DAO)

Once the battle starts, players have no direct control over their heroes but can only sit and watch their resources and troops support the war efforts of their respective factions. While awaiting the introduction of battle simulator 2.0 which would be introducing full 3D graphics-based simulation, the current battle simulator 1.0 entails the use of text-based simulation.

Image Post
Reta Wars' Daily Battles Text-Based Simulation Interface (Source:

Under the game's text-based simulation, the players' screens would display the records of the daily battles as real time output in text logs to allow players to follow the results of the battles. Players who have powerful Hero NFTs will see their names appear more often on this screen.

Image Post
Names of Powerful Hero NFTs on Screen (Source: Avocado DAO)

After the dusts of the battles have settled, players can review the performance of their Hero NFTs through their personal logs.

Image Post
Performance Logs for Player's Hero NFT (Source:

Players on the side of the winning faction would be rewarded with $GRT tokens which can be used to replenish their resources and Voting Tickets that can be used for voting on the strategic decisions of their respective faction for future battles. Additionally, players who have contributed large amounts of resources to their faction's battle inventory will be featured in a weekly leaderboard where the top 100 players would be rewarded with $RETA tokens.

Image Post
Reta Wars' Leaderboard (Source:

Players can play the game on their web browser although certain features such as the massive battle (a.k.a Reta War) simulation would require the use of the game’s dedicated launcher.

So that is the breakdown of how to start and play Reta Wars!


Skin NFTs, which are yet to be available as of March 2023, can be minted at the Reta Wars' Shop, purchased from other players through the game's Marketplace or acquired through an initial public sale. These NFTs can significantly change the visual aspects of Heroes NFTs when they are participating in battles, making it possible to recognize a Hero's special appearance at a glance even in large-scale battles.

Every Hero NFT has 5 Stats and 5 Skills, which are randomly assigned when the NFT is first created. Stats are the basic abilities of a Hero NFT, and the final stats of the NFT is determined by its rarity. Although every Hero NFT is equipped with 5 skills, the appearance and job of the NFT are determined by its most outstanding skill. The overall characteristics of the Hero NFT are determined through a complex calculation process between its stats and skills.

The final ability of a Hero NFT is determined by its rarity; however, no Hero NFT is designed to excel in every way. Therefore, players have to closely analyze the abilities of their Heroes NFTs in order to maximize the full abilities of these NFTs.

Players can trade their Heroes NFTs with other players at any time in Reta Wars' Marketplace or mint them directly from the Shop. Players can either sell obsolete Heroes NFTs, or hire the Heroes NFTs they need.

Weapons NFTs, which are yet to be available as of March 2023, support Heroes NFTs and make them stronger by increasing the Stats of a Hero NFT. The specific Stats that would be improved would depend on the relevant type of Weapon NFT. For example, equipping an Axe-based weapon NFT will enhance the logging stats of a Hero NFT.

Weapon NFTs which are tradable on the game's Marketplace can be crafted by obtaining a ‘Blueprint’. Participating in battles gives you a chance to find a Blueprint as part of the battle reward process. Weapons NFTs are rare, but they are powerful, and they can completely change the character of a Hero NFT depending on their use.


Reta Wars offers a simple yet fun gameplay but do not let it deceive you. The game has probably one of the most advanced economy systems out of all the NFT games available in the market where players must cooperate with players in the same faction to win the war and achieve greater profits. Winning in the game is not all about battles but also making the right strategic decisions with regard to the hiring of heroes, growing of territories, and many more.

A well-coordinated faction will win wars more often and gain more profits. This level of cooperation between players is what makes Reta Wars truly stand out from its competitors. With its elements of tactical decisions and strategic planning, Reta Wars is definitely one of the war-themed NFT games that you want to pay close attention to.

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