Reta Wars

A strategic war simulation game: Win glory for your faction.

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    Realital Co. Ltd
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    South Korea
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Key Highlights

  • Choose between the Reta Wars' goddesses, Nate and Gaia, in this DAO-based strategy war game.
  • Fight for your goddess in Reta Wars' daily simulation battles by contributing resources to and voting on the decisions of your faction.
  • Optimize your resources production rate by upgrading your buildings and strategically placing your Hero NFTs in these buildings.
  • Hold at least four Hero NFTs to claim your DAO votes to participate in the strategic decision-making process of your faction in Reta Wars' daily simulation battles.
  • Get set for full 3D graphics-based battle simulation with the upcoming introduction of Reta Wars' battle simulator 2.0.

Partners & Backers of Reta Wars

  • AvocadoDAO
  • YGG Japan
  • NFT Gamers

About Reta Wars

Reta Wars is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game with a strategic element beyond war and battles. Its DAO-based gameplay mechanics stand out from other similarly themed games as the outcome is decided beyond fast reaction time and quick hand movements. Through the deployment of gameplay elements using the DAO mechanism, the strategic thought and wise decisions of players make a key difference in determining the outcome of battles in the game. Using optimized gameplay strategies and making the right decisions will reward them for their contributions during the game's daily simulation battles between the DAO-based factions of Nate and Gaia, which run from 10:00 to 12:00 PM UTC.