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Learn Rebel Bots Xoil War: a Play-to-Earn trading card game set in the dystopian future

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    The backstory is that humans had created robots to serve and complete daily tasks and chores, but in 2052, the robots defied human orders, and the Big Dismantle event happened. Millions of robots were being scraped to pieces and their core destroyed by humans out of fear of a robot uprising. A handful of 10,000 robots managed to escape Earth, ultimately forming the robot resistance and starting the robot wars. After traversing outer space for years, the robots discovered the planet ‘Xoillium’ and decided to call it their home to fight the wars. In these wars, the robots battled against each other by enclosing themselves in isolated empires, fighting amongst themselves for every drop XOIL.

    Key Highlights:
    • Build a deck of Rebel Bots to take on drunk and violent robots in the Xoil Wars of this turn-based card battler.
    • Fight in the Xoil Wars battles of Rebel Bots under the Kingdom Lord banner of your choice.
    • Prepare for the Xoil Wars battles of Rebel Bots by using the Strategic Prototyping And Research eXperience (SPARX) tool to learn about the cards in your deck.
    • Win battles and complete multi-level missions in Rebel Bots to rise through the leagues to earn $XOIL and $RBLS tokens.
    • Use your $XOIL and $RBLS earnings to buy premium parts and mint Starfighter NFTs.
    How do you play the game?

    The core gameplay revolves around you building your card deck of robots and battling in a turn-based format. Strategize and play the right cards at the right time and you could be on your way to victory.

    You will have to spend some time outside of battle in order to build and perfect your deck and that involves understanding the abilities of what your cards offer.

    Rebel Bots: Xoil wars offers a single-player adventure mode, in which you can advance through the lands of Xoillium. Complete missions and battle hostile native inhabitants of Xoillium and be rewarded with Xoil, which should be clear by now, is absolutely important to your progress.

    Playing in the single-player adventure mode does not consume any energy to play, however there is a limit to the amount of Xoil a player can earn per day. This will be somewhat of a welcome restriction for casual players but to the detriment of players that are looking to go gung-ho.

    You can complete any mission three times with increased difficulty each time in order to be rewarded with the full amount of Xoil available. A portion of Xoil earned will be given to the Kingdom Lord and also to the Kingdom Treasury. Missions will be changed every season so you will be able to revisit and earn more Xoil.

    Player vs Player mode is also quintessential to your progress and earnings. Bring your carefully built deck into battle with another player via a Match Making Rating. PvP cost energy to play and winners are gleefully rewarded with Xoil, increased rating, and other rewards as well. You are also allowed to enter the mode after you have expanded your energies but you will only be able to gain MMR.

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    PVP Matchmaking (Source:

    Leaderboards have also been introduced based on your MMR. There are three distinctive leaderboards to climb your way up, firstly the worldwide players leaderboard where all players are ranked by their MMR. Secondly, the Kingdoms leaderboard where kingdoms are ranked by the cumulative MMR of their top 10 players. Lastly, an Internal kingdom leaderboard where you are ranked by the number of battles you have won during a season.

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    Climb your way up to the leaderboards! (Source:

    Every Season you will get to earn prizes and resources in all forms, from Xoil to RBLS tokens (Governance Currency). So work your way up and be rewarded with more resources the further you progress!


    The Kingdom Lords are the Generation 1 (Genesis) Rebel Bots from the Rebel Bots collection, this is the most valuable NFT in the game as each Rebel Bot is a Kingdom Lord. The game will start with 10,000 different Kingdoms and Kingdom Lords.

    The Kingdom Lords is not a playable character, the Rebel Bot avatar will be used as the kingdom’s banner and every player who will join the game will fight under a certain Kingdom banner.

    The precious land resource will be allocated to each kingdom according to the rarity rank of the Rebel Bot ruling the kingdom, the Rebel Bots owners will receive a revenue share from every land sold in their kingdom, revenue share percentage is also determined by the rarity rank of the Rebel Bot as can be seen in the table below:

    Kingdom Lords are able to generate additional income from royalties received from the Kingdom players (aka Land Owners) as they use their kingdom land to produce Xoil. Of every Xoil produced in Adventure mode players will share a 4% royalty to their Kingdom Lord and a 6% royalty to the kingdom’s treasury, treasury will be used as a prize-pool for the Kingdom’s top ranked players at the end of every season.

    It is up to the Kingdom Lord to lead his kingdom to victories against other kingdoms by voting each month on the Kingdom card, incentivizing his kingdom players and more. If the Kingdom Lord fails to perform the actions required from him as the ruler of the kingdom his royalties from the specific month will be transferred to the Kingdom’s treasury.

    In addition to the kingdom’s treasury the game will allocate additional prizes to kingdoms which have the most engaged players within the game’s social media channels.

    Lands are the game’s second most valuable NFT, without land players aren’t able to play. Lands are initially sold directly to players on the game’s website while secondary land sales will be done on the game’s internal marketplace. Each land is located in a different habitat and has various buildings:

    1. Headquarters - Communicate with other Kingdom players
    2. Fighting Bots Barracks - Train your fighting bot team
    3. Fighting Bots Factory - Build new fighting bot and store parts
    4. Xoil Silo - Purify and Store Xoil
    5. Spark Capacitor - Store Spark
    6. Parts shop - Buy and trade parts
    7. Intel Command - Get updates about the game

    Game will be launched with 150,000 lands which will be allocated as follows:

    • 130,000 lands will be sold to players during the game big land sale
    • 10,000 lands will be given to each Rebel Bot owner in his own kingdom
    • 10,000 lands will be used for marketing purposes

    Prior to game launch each land will be sold or given with a set of 3 Fighting Bots allowing players to start battling from their first session in the game and thus offering a simple onboarding process.

    After all 130,000 lands were sold the game will issue new 10,000 generation 2 Rebel Bots, generation 2 Rebel Bots will be issued together with lands associated to them to allow more players to enter the game, Once a new generation of Rebel Bots is created the former generation land capacity will be doubled as can be seen in this table below:

    Players can own multiple lands but can only play in one land at any given time, if player chooses he can rent these lands he is not playing in for new players who want to enter the game at a lower cost.

    This is the 3rd and most common NFT in the game, unlike Rebel Bots and Lands the Fighting Bots have is not capped at a certain number, building and minting Fighting Bots is one of the ways to earn from playing the game.

    Players will need to build and assemble a balanced team of fighting bots in order to succeed in battles and progress in the game. Battles are held between 2 sides, each has 3 Fighting bots, these robots are used by Kingdom players to win battles, gain game resources and increase the player’s MMR (Matchmaking Rating).

    Each Fighting Bot is made from 5 different parts:

    • Head
    • Torso
    • Left Arm
    • Right Arm
    • Legs

    Each part represents a different card and ability for the player to use in the battlefield, the head is the most important part as it will also determine the Fighting Bot robot class. Parts have different rarity that will determine the strength of the card in the battlefield and its cost. Once built, players will not be able to change the robot parts.


    Rebel Bots still have some way to go, but if you enjoy the intense deck building and looking to enter a sustainable Play-to-Earn economy for the first time, do keep a look out for Rebel Bots: Xoil Wars when it is launched on iOS, macOS, Android, and PC in the near future.

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