Rebel Bots

Learn Rebel Bots Xoil War: a Play-to-Earn trading card game set in the dystopian future

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    Key Highlights:

    • Build a deck of Rebel Bots to take on drunk and violent robots in the Xoil Wars of this turn-based card battler.
    • Fight in the Xoil Wars battles of Rebel Bots under the Kingdom Lord banner of your choice.
    • Prepare for the Xoil Wars battles of Rebel Bots by using the Strategic Prototyping And Research eXperience (SPARX) tool to learn about the cards in your deck.
    • Win battles and complete multi-level missions in Rebel Bots to rise through the leagues to earn $XOIL and $RBLS tokens.
    • Use your $XOIL and $RBLS earnings to buy premium parts and mint Starfighter NFTs.

    Partners & Backers of Rebel Bots

    • Animoca Brands
    • Ubisoft
    • Overwolf
    • Makers Fund
    • Remagine Ventures
    • Polygon Studios
    • Node Capital
    • LD Capital
    • Metavest Capital
    • MVST:MG

    About Rebel Bots

    The backstory is that humans had created robots to serve and complete daily tasks and chores, but in 2052, the robots defied human orders, and the Big Dismantle event happened. Millions of robots were being scraped to pieces and their core destroyed by humans out of fear of a robot uprising. A handful of 10,000 robots managed to escape Earth, ultimately forming the robot resistance and starting the robot wars. After traversing outer space for years, the robots discovered the planet ‘Xoillium’ and decided to call it their home to fight the wars. In these wars, the robots battled against each other by enclosing themselves in isolated empires, fighting amongst themselves for every drop XOIL.