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Built on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain, League of Kingdoms is a fast-paced and challenging MMO strategy game on the blockchain which has much to offer. In particular League of Kingdoms has a gameplay interface that is fun yet tactical with opportunities to own in-game NFTs and win crypto rewards!

Key Highlights:
  • League of Kingdoms is the world's first blockchain based MMO strategy game. You can own in-game assets such as lands and resources as NFTs.
  • Similar to other MMO strategy games such as Clash of Clans, you will gather resources, develop buldings and build troops to win battles and conquer enemy lands.
  • NFT land owners in League of Kingdoms will yield resources and LOKA from other players playing on their land plot.
  • The end-game revolves around Continent-Vs-Continent quests and battles. You can earn loots such as Action Points, Speed-ups, Crystal Gems, and Chests to speed up your kingdom’s development.
  • You can play League of Kingdoms now on both Android and iOS. PC players can play this MMO strategy game on Chrome Browser.
What is it like to play League of Kingdoms

What makes League of Kingdoms unique is the number of different ways that you can choose to play the game. Choose from PvP, PvE, MMO, or simply be a farmer who focuses on tending to your land and farming resources which you can then sell to other players. A popular and exciting mode involves MMO content which enables you to form alliances to win battles and conquer other lands.

You can build a powerful kingdom and army, forge alliances, strengthen your troops, and compete in PVP events. Many activities within the kingdom can generate in-game resources. Resources can be converted into digital tokens and traded on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.

With its wide-ranging gameplay modes and diverse suite of gaming features, League of Kingdoms appeals to web3 as well as mainstream gamers who enjoy strategy games that unleash their inner conqueror.

How to play the League of Kingdoms:

Where can I get the League of Kingdoms and how do I install the game?

You can download the game from the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android). If you choose to play League of Kingdoms on PC, there is no need to download it, as you can run and play League of Kingdoms directly on the website.

What are the requirements to play League of Kingdoms?

These requirements as per the current update and may change over time.

  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch: iOS 12.0.
  • Mac with Apple M1 chip: macOS 11.0.
  • Android: Android 5.0
  • PC: low spec requirement, most computers that are 2-3 years old should be able to run it.

What are the main game mechanics for the game?

  • You can farm resources within your kingdom to upgrade your buildings, technologies, and castle. Levelling up your kingdom allows you to produce stronger troops to send on monster hunts, PvP engagements, and resource node farming. Upon completion of these activities, your troops will gain rewards and loot that will add to empowering your kingdom.
  • Defeating tougher enemies in the field yield more epic loot and can be tackled through Rallies, where you can muster your allies to take down boss-level monsters or rival kingdoms.
  • As you level up your kingdom and improve your battle power, you can participate in CvC battles to test your might and gain rare rewards such as Crystals.
  • Crystals are important because they enable you to purchase boosts to accelerate the development of your kingdom through buffs and building time skips.

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Inside of your Kingdom (Source:

What type of Resources are there in LOK?

You can farm numerous resources, but the 4 primary resources are food, lumber, stone, and gold. These resources can be harvested within your own kingdom as well as plundering resource nodes and can be used to upgrade buildings, carry out research, train troops, hunt crystal gems, and chests, as well as buy items from the caravan. The caravan sells random items and every few hours new items will be available. Another unique resource that is more difficult to obtain is Crystal Gems. Gems are mainly obtained from PvP activities such as CvC or farming rare Gem nodes on the continent map.

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Gold, Stone, Lumber, and Gold (Source:

What buildings can I get in LOK?

There are many types of buildings in this game and each has its own function. The types of buildings found are Castles, Academies, Treasure Houses, Trading Posts, Storage, Hall of Alliance, Hospitals, Walls, Watch Towers, Farms, Barracks, Lumber Camps, Quarries, and Gold Mines. Make sure to upgrade all buildings according to your Castle Level.

Within an empty field, you can build up to 4 Farms, 4 Quarries, 4 Lumber Camps, 4 Gold Mines, and 4 Barracks. By upgrading the building level to the highest level, your building power will increase, as will your kingdom's fighting capacity. This can include increasing troop size to conduct a rally, adding free daily chests from the Treasure House, increasing research speed, and so on.

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Types of Buildings (Source:

Tips & Tricks

If you have difficulty upgrading all existing buildings due to the limited resources, you can choose to upgrade the most important buildings such as the Castle, Academy, Treasure House, Storage, Hospital, Wall, Watch Tower, 1 Barrack, 1 Gold Mine, 1 Farm, 1 Lumber Camp, and 1 Quarry.

How do I mine in LOK?

There are several mining nodes that you can loot using Infantry such as Farms, Lumber Camps, Quarry, Gold Mines, and Crystal Mines. Crystal Mines can only be found in the field on rare occasions. Make sure to empty the mining nodes so new mining nodes can reappear to replace the mining nodes that have run out.

The Infantry has more payload capacity than other troops, making it possible to carry more payloads in one march. The Infantry will also enable you to farm more resources, as well as crystal gems.

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Gathering Boost (Source: Player's In-game inventory)

Tips & Tricks

Use Gathering Boost items to increase resource collection by 20%

What type of boosts can I find in LOK?

Boost and gather resources daily to gain even more resources. Use troops capacity expansion, troops HP boost, troops defence boost, troops attack boost, and troops maneuver speed boost when you want to do a rally or attack monsters and other kingdoms.

Use the King's shield and anti-reconnaissance boosts wisely as they are hard to find and replace. You can use these boosts to avoid being attacked by other kingdoms.

The way to get boost items is by completing certain event missions, attacking monsters, opening silver and gold chests in the Treasure House, and buying them at the Trading Post or Alliance Shop. Boost items are very effective and benefit our kingdom in every activity.

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Alliance Shop (Source: Player's In-game inventory)

What are rallies in LOK?

Rallies entail combining your troops with other alliance members’ troops to carry out attacks together against monsters or other players’ kingdoms. Together, you can fight or form rallies to defeat other kingdoms to plunder their resources and reduce the power of their kingdoms. By forming regular rallies, you can weaken their opponents.

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What happens during Rallies (Source:

Tips & Tricks

Upgrading your hall of alliance and using more archers are a must to carry out rallies. Make sure to communicate with your alliance before you start.

Archers inflict the biggest damage, giving you the power to deal massive damage to monsters. But if you want to do a rally attack against a specific kingdom, you will need to combine these strengths with other members of the army, such as the Infantry and Cavalry to reduce the death of your troops. The higher the level of the Hall of Alliance, the more troops and reinforcements you can bring in a 1x rally march.

What are continent v continent battles in LOK?

You can also join or make your own alliance to compete with teams on other continents in CvC Events. These events involve facing royal troops from other continents to fight for various kinds of special prizes such as $LOKA tokens, the king’s share of resources, and various other loot to help you conquer even more kingdoms.

Tips & Tricks

Make sure to have your eyes on the CvC quests because there is a lot of loot that can benefit you and your kingdom’s development, such as Action Points, Speed-ups, Crystal Gems, Massive amounts of resources, and Chests.


A land parcel is League of Kingdoms’ core digital asset housed on the Ethereum network and is an ERC-721 token.

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3,000 Lands were sold during pre-sale! (Source:

How do landowners accrue earnings within the game?

Each land plot can house up to 16 Kingdoms, and as a landowner, you will receive rental income from players who utilize your plot of land, paying 5% of all resources harvested. Resources are essential to the game and are used to upgrade buildings, research, and train troops.

How to claim earnings from land ownership in League of Kingdoms?

Claiming crypto from your land is a straightforward process.

  1. Go to your user profile, ensuring that your MetaMask wallet is connected to the Ethereum network.
  2. Select “NFT” and under ‘Total Resources’
  3. Click the “Claim All” button to view the resources that have been accumulated directly deposited into the claimed account.

Not only will you receive resources from the land on the continent on which you are playing, but you will also receive resource rewards from users who are playing on your land across all existing continents.

Universal Rewards Pool

Players improve land plots through building and farming activities, this increase the development point of the land which benefits their gameplay as well as increasing the value for landowners. Development points influences 80% of the potential land ownership earnings, in another words, higher development points lead to higher land earnings.

For new landowners with under-developed land, you will still get rewarded as 20% of the total Land reward pool (83,333 LOKA) will be distributed evenly to all owned land plots.

The newest addition to League of Kingdoms NFTs are Drago, the ultimate unit on the battlefield. These ERC-721 tokens can be used in-game to unlock a wide variety of content. Owning a Drago NFT will unlock the ability to utilize it to farm Dragon Soul Amber (DSA) nodes that are located across all continents in League of Kingdoms.

The number of DSA nodes on each continent will be determined by how many Drago are on that specific continent, therefore they will be evenly distributed and proportionate to ensure it is fair for players on all continents.

100 Dragon Soul Ambers (DSA) can be tokenized into 1 Dragon Soul Token (DST), which can be minted through a new function in-game.

You can also attach Drago to your troops to give powerful buffs such as extra attack, defense, or speed boost. The types of buffs received are based on the element type of the Drago.

Each element corresponds to a different ‘buff’ that will be reflected in the Drago’s abilities in the game:

  • Fire: Ranger
  • Aqua: Infantry
  • Light: Cavalry
  • Terra: Farm
  • Dark: Troops

Each Drago has seven body parts: horn, head, body, eyes, wings, legs, and tail. Each body part can have its own unique element. This adds an interesting complexity to the gameplay as the most competitive players will be looking to buy or breed perfect Drago with the ideal combination of body parts to suit their strategy.

To add more layers of depth to the game, there’s a chance for a body part to be a legendary part, which gives an additional boost over regular parts, looks much more epic, and can be identified by the gold border around the specific body part. You can stake $LOKA on your Drago to boost the efficiency of the Drago for mining Dragon Soul Amber (DSA).

The mint period for Drago’s has ended, however, you can buy and trade Drago NFTs on the League of Kingdoms primary marketplace, as well as secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea or PlayDapp.

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Your In-game Drago (Source: Player's In-game inventory)

How do I breed Drago NFTs?

Breeding Drago will enable more Drago NFTs to come into existence and will require a predetermined amount of $LOKA and $DST tokens to mint new Drago NFTs. The more times a Drago is bred, the higher the amount of $LOKA and $DST required. DST tokens will be burned as a deflationary sink for the token, and LOKA tokens will be recycled back into the LOKA DAO ecosystem fund.


League of Kingdoms is an exciting blockchain game that gives you the power to conquer the Metaverse battleground! With interesting NFTs, you can receive income from land ownership and the tactical element gives LOK an engaging context within which you can build castles, gather resources, and raise armies to prove your worth as a digital warlord.

The game’s unique feature stands out from other MMORTS games, as it gives you the freedom to make rules, cooperate with, or battle against entire continents to win $LOKA. Jump into League of Kingdoms world to begin an epic journey that will see you join forces with your comrades in arms to take over enemy land, and earn crypto using your tactical acumen and military strategies.

Now that you are done reading, its time to put your knowledge to the test in in our League of Kingdoms Read-and-Earn (R&E) Quest.

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