League of Kingdoms

Learn how to play the world's first Decentralized MMO Strategy Game

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    NPLUS Entertainment Pte Ltd
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    South Korea
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Key Highlights:

  • League of Kingdoms is the world's first blockchain based MMO strategy game. You can own in-game assets such as lands and resources as NFTs.
  • Similar to other MMO strategy games such as Clash of Clans, you will gather resources, develop buldings and build troops to win battles and conquer enemy lands.
  • NFT land owners in League of Kingdoms will yield resources and LOKA from other players playing on their land plot.
  • The end-game revolves around Continent-Vs-Continent quests and battles. You can earn loots such as Action Points, Speed-ups, Crystal Gems, and Chests to speed up your kingdom’s development.
  • You can play League of Kingdoms now on both Android and iOS. PC players can play this MMO strategy game on Chrome Browser.

Partners & Backers of League of Kingdoms

  • Hashed
  • Binance Labs
  • Sequoia Capital India
  • Sky Vision Capital
  • Yield Guild Games
  • De Spread

About League of Kingdoms

Built on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain, League of Kingdoms is a fast-paced and challenging MMO strategy game on the blockchain which has much to offer. In particular League of Kingdoms has a gameplay interface that is fun yet tactical with opportunities to own in-game NFTs and win crypto rewards! [yt=]