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Join King of Fighters ARENA (KOF Arena), the all-new action-oriented real-time PvP action game by Netmarble that is inspired by the King of Fighters series by SNK. Built by MARBLEX on the Klaytn blockchain, this game will allow players around the world to engage in combat fighting action with each other and earn tokens. In addition, the game also has an “Own-to-Earn” system that will reward players for investing long term in the game and helping to build the ecosystem.

In King of Fighters Arena (KOF Arena), you can choose from a roster of over 70 characters to build your own team and compete against other players in real-time battles. The gameplay mechanics of King of Fighters Arena (KOF Arena) are similar to those found in traditional fighting games, with special moves, combos, and super attacks that require precise timing and execution. Newbies should expect a steep learning curve in King of Fighters Arena (KOF Arena) as they familiarize themselves with the various characters and their unique abilities. If you are new to King of Fighters Arena (KOF Arena), you can experiment with different team compositions and strategies to find what works best for your playstyle.

As you progress through the ranks in King of Fighters Arena (KOF Arena), you'll earn currency that can be used to unlock new characters or upgrade existing ones. To improve your skills in King of Fighters Arena (KOF Arena), you can explore the multiple game modes including story mode, arcade mode, survival mode, and PvP battles, each with its own challenges and rewards, You can join a guild or community group in King of Fighters Arena (KOF Arena) for tips and advice from more experienced players. This can also help you find teammates for cooperative gameplay modes in King of Fighters Arena (KOF Arena) like Team Battle or Guild Wars.

Key Highlights
  • King of Fighters Arena is the first installment in the King of Fighters franchise to feature blockchain-based Fight-and-Earn tokens.
  • Play the game anytime, anywhere by downloading the King of Fighters Arena mobile app from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
  • Use King of Fighters Arena's mobile-friendly directional inputs to execute combo and finisher moves to KO your opponents.
  • Equip your fighters with Controller NFTs to earn $FM tokens when you win 1v1 Single and 3v3 Elimination matches.
  • Use your $FM tokens at the Diamond Exchange Shop to buy Black Diamonds to level up your Controller NFTs.
How to Play King of Fighters ARENA


As the household name in the combat fighting genre, the lineage of the King of Fighters franchise dates back almost two decades to the King of Fighters '94 which was released by SNK on 25 August 1994 for arcade game stations. With the game being a mega hit with arcade gamers, SNK decided to turn King of Fighters into an annual franchise with yearly releases. Since then, the names of the new installments would be based on the respective year in which they were released.

This went on for 10 years until 2004 when SNK decided to discontinue the deployment of King of Fighters as an annual franchise. Thereafter, the names for new King of Fighters' installments were no longer based on respective year of the release. For example, the 2004 release of the franchise was titled King of Fighters Maximum Impact which was the first 3D installment of the game. Fast forward to 2022, the latest installment of the franchise i.e. King of Fighters XV was released on 17 February 2022 with availability on a host of platforms including PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, Windows 10, Steam and Epic Games (PC).

In line with rising trend of mobile gaming, SNK decided to tap into this trend through its latest installment of the franchise i.e. King of Fighters ARENA which is available on both Android and Windows devices. King of Fighters Arena which was developed by Netmarble under license from SNK is an evolution of the King of Fighters All Star's PvP Arena mode. From a web3 perspective, the groundbreaking feature of King of Fighters Arena lies in the fact that it is the first installment in the franchise which incorporates the use of cryptocurrencies as utility tokens and in-game currencies for its micro economy as well as NFTs for its upcoming Fighters' card collection.

Game Modes

King of Fighters ARENA has 3 game modes. The Practice mode is where you can learn the ropes and get the hang of the game. The 1 vs 1 Single Match mode is where where you will be matched with other players, forming a team that consists of 3 fighters whereas the 3 vs 3 Elimination Match mode is where 6 players will join the match, where you will pick a 1 fighter to form a team that consists of 3 fighters.

Image Post
King of Fighters Arena's Game Modes (Source:

In 1 v 1 Single Match mode , you will control 3 fighters, while in 3 v 3 Elimination Match mode, you will control only 1 fighter. There are two key upsides to playing using the 3 vs 3 Elimination Match mode as opposed to the 1 vs 1 Single Match mode as follows:-

(1) 3 vs 3 Elimination Match mode provides for fairer gameplay as it allows players to accumulate League Points that would determine their next opponents:- and

(2) 3 vs 3 Elimination Match mode gives players the chance to be a hero by being the last man standing in the team.

How to Play 1 vs 1 Single Match

Image Post
Selecting 3 fighters (Source: Avocado Dao)

Match Flow:

  • Form a team that consists of 3 fighters within the timeframe given in the game. Failing to do so will dismiss you from the game with the penalty being a loss of energy and AP.

Image Post
Arranging the sequence of fighters (Source: Avocado Dao)

Once you and your opponent have chosen the desired fighters, you will now arrange the sequence of fighters that will go first, second, and third.

  • If you and your opponent fail to arrange the sequence of fighters within the timeframe, then your team will automatically enter the battle, and the order will be based on the list – from top to bottom.

How to Play 3 vs 3 Elimination Match

Image Post
Pick a single fighter (Source: Avocado Dao)

Match Flow:

  • Pick 1 fighter in order to complete the team of 3 fighters. In this game mode, you don’t have to arrange the sequence because the fighter on the top of the list will be the first one to fight in the battle.

Image Post
3 vs 3 Elimination Match Gameplay (Source: Avocado Dao)

  • The fighter who won the round will continue battling the next fighter from the opponent’s team.

Image Post
Eliminate all the enemy! (Source: Avocado Dao)

  • The first team who eliminates all the fighters from the opponent’s team will win the game.

Match Rules

Image Post
Best of Three (Source: Avocado Dao)

Every battle consist of 3 rounds, whoever wins twice will win. If anyone of the team wins consecutively, in that case, the match will end even if one of the teams has fighters left, however, if the match ends in a draw, you'll have to go through another round to fight.

Combat Mechanics

Similar to how gamers of the past made the transition from arcade game stations to gaming consoles and PCs, gamers of today are making the transition from gaming consoles and PCs to mobile. As the first mobile-friendly installment of the King of Fighters franchise, the key challenge for mobile players of King of Fighters Arena lies in mastering its control systems.

In view of the differences between the directional inputs of both joysticks and keyboards as compared to those of mobile screens, it may take some time for mobile players of King of Fighters Arena to perfect the execution of their Fighters' combo moves. With this in mind, Netmarble has developed King of Fighters Arena in a manner not unlike Mobile Legends: Bang Bang whereby directional inputs can be activated with the press of a button.

Image Post
King of Fighters Arena's Mobile Interface (Google Arena)

The following paragraphs will help you to understand some combat moves.

  • Movement - As a player, you will have full control of your Fighters. It is very important to master as you will be hitting enemies or defending yourself.

  • Basic Attack - All Fighters in King of Fighters ARENA has their own set of basic attacks.

  • Combo Attack - It is simply a series of basic attacks. You can execute the basic attacks repeatedly or keep doing it for a period to trigger a series of basic attacks.

  • Finisher/Ultimate Abilities - These are the powerful abilities that every Fighter has as they endow the Fighter with 2 seconds and 60 seconds damage multiplier respectively. Nonetheless, the use of these abilities consume certain amount of Power Gauge (PG) and is followed by a fixed cooldown time.

  • Guard - Used to counter your opponents.

Image Post
Emergency Dodge (Source: Avocado Dao)

  • Emergency Dodge - Used for the incoming attack or combined dodge when moving or attacking.

  • Escape - A chance wherein you can escape from the clutches of the enemy. However, you cannot use this during the execution of the Finisher/Ultimate Abilities.

Image Post
Max Mode (Source: Avocado Dao)

  • Max Mode - Where your character's attack and strength increase.

What will I gain from playing these game modes?

Image Post
League Points (Source: Avocado Dao)

In every match, you will accumulate League Points that are needed in determining your opponent for the next match.

The higher your Tier, the more rewards you can earn every Season!

Seasonal System of King of Fighters ARENA

King of Fighters is based on a Season System – Pre-season, Regular Season, and End Season

Pre-season – an indication that there will be a new Season starting. Not unlike in End of Season, the Tier and Grade earned during this Season will not count toward the Regular Season. Once the Pre-season ends, the rewards will be sent out at the beginning of the Regular Season.

During the Regular Season, your Tier and Grade will be based on how many you win or lose.

At the End of Season, the Tier and Grade you placed during this season will be your starting Tier and Grade for the next Season. A reward will be also given depending on your Tier and Grade.

In game currencies

These are the currencies that are needed for in-game purchases, and upgrades.

Fight Money can be obtained by playing the 1 v 1 Single Match and the 3 v 3 Elimination Match with a Controller. This can be used for upgrading your Fighter Mystery Box, Leveling-Up your Controller, Fixing Durability, Unlocking Sockets, and Minting.

Diamonds can be used for Fighter Cartridge Summons – which will help your character to get additional strength and Package purchases in the Shop. You may also exchange your Diamonds into Mystic Cubes for Mastery Upgrades.

Meanwhile, Black Diamonds can be bought at the Diamond Exchange Shop by paying Fight Money. This currency will serve as your ‘gas fee’ when you exchange your Fight Money for a Fighters’ Club Token. Aside from being a ‘gas fee’ you may also use your Black Diamonds for leveling up your Controllers, opening Mystery Boxes, and Minting Controllers.

Summoning System

Fighters in the game are free to use and play in all game modes, however, to upgrade your Fighters, you must summon a Fighter's Cartridge.

Each Fighter Cartridges are available at a fixed base rate – Diamonds will be the primary mode of payment in each Summon.

How can I strengthen my Fighters?

Image Post
Top-up diamonds (Source: Avocado Dao)

You can spend money to top-up diamonds. Then, you can use these diamonds to summon Fighters Cartridges, which you’ll be using to strengthen your Fighters' Mastery for you to beat opponents easily in the game. Thus, allowing you to earn more.

Image Post
Free Fighters Cartridge (Source: Avocado Dao)

AvoTip! You can get free Fighters Cartridge by participating in an event. Keep in mind that rewards may vary on what event you are playing.

Summon Cartridge Banner

Image Post
Summon your Fighters Cartridge (Source: Avocado Dao)

You can only Summon the Fighters if they are available in the Fighter’s Cartridge Banner. Fighters in this game do not have a rarity to classify them, it will depend on your luck whether you will summon your favorite Fighter in the Banner or not.

Fighter Mastery

Image Post
Unlock your Fighter Mastery now! (Source: Avocado Dao)

Fighter Mastery is simply leveling up your Fighters. Each Fighter has a Mastery attached to it.

Once you unlock their Mastery, you can now enhance a Fighter using Mystic Cube, Fight Money, or Mastery Points – which you can acquire through winning matches.

Fighter’s Mastery will increase your Fighter’s base stats along with providing them with different abilities.


Controllers are the NFTs that allow you to Play and Earn. Each of these Controllers has its own Grade and Level which will determine your Controller’s Attributes. If you wish to increase your Controller’s Attributes, you may insert Gems into the sockets of your Controller.

Image Post
Controller (Source: Avocado Dao)

Controller’s Grades Controllers are divided into 5 different Grades:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

How does Controller's Grade will affect your Controller and the game?

Your Controllers’ Grade will determine your Controller’s Attribute and Play-and-Earn efficiency.

The amount and Grades of Controllers you own will give you more in-game Energy. These Energies are needed in order for you to play a match. Once you have used up all your Energy, you can no longer earn Fight Money and Mystery Boxes. However, Energy will gradually recharge, 25% of your Energy will be recharged every 6 hours.

In addition to this, the Grade of your Controller will also have an effect on the following:

  • The efficiency of your Attributes

  • The energy you can use to battle

  • Points granted after Leveling Up which will increase your Attributes

  • The specs of your next Controller when you decide to Mint

  • Twin Minting Probability

  • Minting Cost and the Probability of getting Higher Grade of Controller

  • Acquiring Mystery Boxes

  • Receiving a higher level of Gems when opening a Mystery Box,

    Therefore, the Higher Grade of Controller you have, the higher chances you have of getting more of these.

Controller's Attributes

There are 4 Attributes to consider in choosing your Controllers.

  • Efficiency - it will increase the amount of Fight Money you can gain from a match.
  • Luck - it will determine the probability of earning a Mystery Box
  • Comfort - to be announce in a later update
  • Resilience - it will deremine the durability loss and fixing price of your Controller

How will the Controller’s Attributes will affect you in playing the game?

Having Attributes on your controllers may increase the amount of Fight Money you can gain from a match, determine your probability of earning a Mystery Box – where you may get Gems which can be used in upgrading your Controller’s Attributes, and may determine the Durability Loss and Fixing Price of your Controller or the Play and Earn Efficiency.

How can I get Mystery Box?

Gems can be acquired through Mystery Box and to have a Mystery Box, you must have an equipped Controller when playing a battle.

Every Controller can own 4 Mystery Box. Once you have the maximum number, you will no longer receive Mystery Boxes.

Let’s say, you receive a Mystery Box, how would you open it? Opening a Mystery Box can only happen one at a time with a span of 6-8 hours per opening. However, while waiting for the Mystery Box to open you can possibly open an additional Mystery Box by paying for Black Diamonds which can be bought at the Diamond Exchange Shop by paying Fight Money.

What are Gems and Sockets, and why do I need them?

Gems are in-game accessories that are needed to be placed in your Controller’s Socket. You will be needing this to upgrade your Controller’s Attribute.

Every 4 Gems corresponds to each of the Attributes.

If you want a higher level Gem, you may combine multiple Gems but you can only combine Gems that have the same color and level.

Reward: You can get higher level Gem if you combined multiple Gems, as well

Risk: If the combination process of the gems is unsuccessful, you will lose the Gems you have used. There are different colors of Sockets, and you can only insert a Gem if it matches the Sockets.

Levelling Up your Controller

Levelling up a Controller will require you to wait a certain amount of time and spend some Fight Money. If you looking to optimize the leveling up process, you can spend some Black Diamonds to enhance the Attributes of your Controller and unlock the Gem Sockets. After you have levelled up, you will receive Attribute Points whereby the amount would depend on the Grade of your Controller.

Fixing your Controller

The more you use your Controllers, the more it decreases their durability. That means, you also decrease your efficiency in earning rewards such as getting a Mystery Box. In order to fix your Controller’s Durability, you will need to spend fight money to fix it.

Minting a Controller

To create a new Controller Box, you should have 2 level 5 Controllers. This can give you either 1 Controller or 2 Controller Boxes (Twin Minting). The more you attempt to mint, the more you increase your probability of having 2 Controller Boxes. Each Controller has a Minting limit. Once they reach their limit, they can’t be used in minting anymore.

Just like any game that has a function of combining two NFTs to create new NFTs, minting a Controller in King of Fighters ARENA will also require you to spend tokens. In this case, you need Fighters Money Token and Diamonds. Your Controllers Box Grade is determined by the Grade of the 2 Controllers used.

*Twin Minting Probability

As you mint your Controllers, the Twin Minting probability will increase. Thus, giving you 2 Controllers which you can either use or sell.

Image Post
Twin Minting Probability (Source:

Aside from Controller NFTs, there are NFTs in King of Fighters ARENA that will allow you to earn a token without playing the game.

Image Post
Fighters Card (Source:

Other benefits for being a holder of Fighter Card NFTs

  • Reward Distribution based on Rarity
  • Community Benefits
  • Fighter Club Benefits
  • Earn Fight Club Tokens (FCT) – the King of Fighters ARENA's utility token

How will you be able to earn with Fighter Card NFTs?

Each card is connected to a Fighter. If a player uses the Fighter in your Fighter Card and wins the match, King of Fighters ARENA will grant you a portion of the mined Fight Money.

Reward Distribution

In the game King of Fighters ARENA, there are 37 fighters. A few well-known fighters are Iori Yagami, Kyo Kusanagi, Mai Shiranui, and many more.

There are 4 Grades in each Fighters Cards namely; Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Limited. As for the supply, each Fighter will have a total of 64 supplies of Fighter Cards with a limit on the issued quantity on the Grade of the Fighter Cards. Hence, determining your share ratio for the mined Fight Money.

Image Post
Issued Quantity and Share Ratio per Fighter Card (Source:

The amount of FCT will be determined by the amount of Fight Money mined in the game. For example, a total of 10,000,000 Fight Money mined in Iori Yagami's card – a fighter in the game, the profit you can obtain from one Legendary grade Fighter Card will be 30% of the mined Fight Money but it will be distributed as FCT.

Gems are accessories that are put into the Sockets of Controllers to increase the 4 attributes of the Controllers. The Attributes of Controllers can be increased either by leveling up or paying Gems. Each Attribute has its own Gem, so there are a total of 4 types of Gems. You can obtain a higher level Gem by combining multiple Gems, as well.


Given its long lineage which dates back almost two decades, King of Fighters is a rare gaming franchise which transcends across generations from Gen X to millennials to Gen Z and even Gen Alpha. For Gen X and millennials who are now young adults, King of Fighters Arena certainly brings back nostalgic memories of times gone by.

As for Gen Z and Gen Alpha, King of Fighters Arena's appeal lies in its use of blockchain as a technological enabler for the game's Fight-to-Earn concept in addition to its Play-to-Own elements through the Fighter Cards NFT collection mechanism.

Long story short, King of Fighters Arena through its combination of nostalgia and technology is the prime embodiment of the evergreen nature of the King of Fighter franchise. Hence, its appeal to both young and mature gamers alike

Nuff said, time for get in the ring and start throwing some flying kicks in combo with some knockout punches.

Now that you are done reading, its time to put your knowledge to the test in in our King of Fighters Read-and-Earn (R&E) Quest.

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