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GenoPets is putting a twist on the Play-to-Earn (P2E) online games as it presents a Move-to-Earn mechanic in the form of an NFT game much like STEPN. This game incentivizes players to be physically active to raise their digital pets and earn money as they improve their workout routines. GenoPets' creators first came out with this concept to help the global population particularly young millennials to live an active lifestyle during the COVID lockdown in 2020. The aim of the creators of GenoPets is to create a sustainable P2E NFT economy by providing a fun aspect for the game. The game aims to endow players with a sense of engagement, and eliminate the feeling that playing the game is a chore to be done in order to make money.

Key Highlights
  • GenoPets is a Move-to-Earn mobile game that rewards your active lifestyle.
  • Create an account on the GenoPets website, and hatch your first GenoPet for free. Download the GenoPets mobile app on Apple App or Google Play Store to start moving and earning.
  • Level up your GenoPets in Free-to-Play mode by converting your banked daily steps into XPs to access new features and abilities.
  • Use your leveled-up GenoPets to engage in PvP multiplayer team battles and seasonal challenges.
  • Reward your GenoPets with a Habitat NFT to unlock the game's Move-to-Earn feature to convert your banked daily steps into $KI tokens.
Gameplay Introduction

GenoPets is a gem for all generations as it appeals to millennials who grew up with Tamagotchis and to Gen Zs who grew up with Pokemon Go. This game sets itself apart from other AAA games that entered the blockchain world by focusing on the fitness community as GenoPets gamifies everyday workouts.

GenoPets relies on the competitive side of its players to augment the P2E side of the game and attract fitness enthusiasts to the blockchain P2E economy. Additionally, the game offers its players the fulfilling satisfaction of growing their GenoPets and seeing them grow and improve thanks to the players’ work on their physical health.

So, whether you’re a part of a fitness community such as Strava, or looking to change your lifestyle into a more active and healthy one, GenoPets is the perfect NFT game for you to achieve your physical goals while making an income.

Gameplay Flow (1) Entering the Genoverse

First, you will need to visit the GenoPets website and create an account to be able to access the game and save your progress. Once you have an account, you will be asked to log in with your wallet. When your account is verified, you are all set to have your first GenoPet.

(2) Hatching your GenoPet

After you are done setting up your account, you will be able to hatch your GenoPet for free. Thereafter, you can choose and customize your GenoPet by choosing from a variety of species, colors and patterns to make your trusted companion in Genoverse one of a kind.

(3) Taking baby steps with your GenoPet

Hatching a baby Genopet is just a start as you will have to work your way to level up your pet. In order to do so, you would have to download the GenoPets app through the Apple App or GooglePlay store to your mobile phone.

Once you have the app on your phone, you can start counting your steps and turn them into Energy points which can be used to level up your GenoPet. As your GenoPet grows and levels up, you will unlock new features and abilities. Leveling up your GenoPet will also improve the efficiency of turning your steps into Energy points.

Image Post
GenoPets' Mobile Interface (Source: Medium/@GenoPets)

(4) Nurturing your GenoPet

As you play the game, you will find that there are additional minigames through which you can interact with your GenoPet. As the parent of your GenoPet, you can keep it happy by showering it with some tender loving care by feeding it, petting it and playing with it. As you strengthen your bond with your GenoPet by completing tasks and challenges together, you will be rewarded with in-game items related to pet care, energy conversion and battle skills.

  • Base Items: Those are the basic items that players use to craft other in-game items
  • Augment Items: GenoPet’s body parts, such as tails, wings, and horns, that can be swapped for customization and battle purposes.
  • Reagent Items: Essential items for crafting Augment items.
  • Cosmetic Items: These items are used to change the appearance of GenoPets.
  • Food Items: Players use these items to feed their GenoPets.
  • Toy Items: Players use these items to play with their GenoPets.
  • Boost Items: Used to improve the conversion rate of steps into Energy points.
  • Battle Items: Items that are used in GenoPets battles.

Having boosted the features, skills and aesthetics of your GenoPets, you can walk to upgrade and evolve your collection. Armed with your GenoPets collection, you can interact with other players in the game by visiting their GenoPet's home or joining a community. Not only that, you can also participate in events and competitions to earn rewards and showcase your GenoPets.

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Examples of GenoPets (

In the Free-to-Play (F2P) mode, you can have fun with the game and turn your banked daily steps into Experience Points (XP). These XPs can be used to level up your GenoPet's battle skills as well as improve its features and aesthetics. Your GenoPet's visual appearance would be more matured when its' skills reach higher levels . However if you want to take your GenoPets gaming experience to the next level, its time to get a home for your GenoPet.

(5) Cashing in on your GenoPets

Regardless of whether you are playing GenoPets in F2P or P2E mode, there are several ways to make money from the game-

Sell your GenoPets: You can sell your advanced-level GenoPets to other players for a profit. Do take note however that this option is only available after your GenoPets have been converted into NFTs. Thereafter, you can list your GenoPet NFTs for sale on the GenoPets marketplace or on external websites such as Magic Eden.

Sell $KI tokens and in-game items: You can sell the harvested $KI tokens on exchanges such as Orca and Jupiter. Additionally, you can also sell items that you have acquired in the game, such as food, toys and decorations to other players.

Participate in events: GenoPets often holds events that offer special rewards and prizes for players. Most recently in December 2022, GenoPets gave away 3 Genesis Habitats in their End-of-Year Community Town Hall event.


Your GenoPet’s home takes the form of a Habitat NFT which will unlock the Play-to-Earn (P2E) aspect of the game. In addition to being a home for your GenoPet, a Habitat NFT would unlock advanced gameplay options which allow you to earn $KIs for steps taken every day and abilities to craft other in-game NFTs like Power-Ups, Augments, Nurture, and Battle Items. With your GenoPet having found its place in the Genoverse through your Habitat NFT, you would be able to harvest Energy to earn the game's utility token i.e. $KI and transfer the earnings to your wallet.

The minting process of Habitat NFTs is known as Terraformation. In essence, Terraformation is a crafting process through which owners (but not renters) of Habitats can mint new Habitats using the game's mainframe on the GenoPets website. As long as all the component requirements are met, the Laboratory aspect of any Habitat can be used to Terraform a new level 1 Habitat. According to the game’s whitepaper, the requisite components to Terraform a single Habitat are:-

  • Terraform Seed (x1) (Terraform Seeds are semi-fungible tokens (SFTs) which Grade would determine the minting costs for a Habitat).

  • Refined Crystal of desired Elemental type (x3) (the Elemental type of the Crystal i.e. whether it is Wood, Fire, Earth, Water or Metal would determine the element of the resultant Habitat).

  • Habitat Laboratory

  • The game's governance token i.e. $GENE (x5) (additional details about $GENE can be found in the Tokens section below)

  • $KI (the precise amount required would depend on the Grade of the Terraform Seed being used).

Image Post
Terraformation Process Interface (Source:

There are currently 3 types of Habitats:

(a) Genesis Habitat

The first class of Habitats ever created in the GenoPets game. These Habitats enable you to refine Crystals as well as give you a higher $KI harvesting cap.

With the ending of the Treasure Hunt campaign, you would need to buy one of the minted 5,537 Genesis Habitat NFTs on marketplaces like Magic Eden, OpenSea, or Solanart. By acquiring these NFTs, you would have access to unique in-game abilities and boosts.

Image Post
Examples of Genesis Habitats (Source:

(b) Guild Habitat

If you have no Habitat of your own, you can join a Guild to benefit from the Guild Habitat. This type of Habitat is not tradable nor can it be minted.

(c) Regular Habitat

This Habitat type is created through the Terraforming of other Habitats by their owners (but not the renters).

Renting out your Habitats

Habitat owners can rent out their habitats to generate passive income in the form of rental receipts. There are two available rental contracts that provide renting players with different rights over their rented Habitats.

  • Harvesting Authority Contract: The renter player in this contract is called a Harvester and is obligated to pay the Habitat owner, the Landlord, a percentage of the $KI harvest. This contract gives the Landlord royalty in the form of a percentage of the $KI harvested using the Habitat by the Harvester. This payment is made at the time of $KI withdrawal. Landlords can only rent their Habitat to new Harvesters once every 24 hours.

  • Alchemy Authority Contract: The renter here is called an Alchemist and is allowed to craft items and refine Crystals using the Habitat in exchange for a fixed token fee paid to the Landlord. The Landlord can create the Alchemy contract through the Habitat management interface where the Landlord is free to set the rent period according to his/her preference with a minimum of a 24-hour period. The rent payment is due immediately after the contract creation.

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Fueling GenoPet's Economy with Habitat Renting (Source:

A GenoPet NFT is the tokenization of your digital pet whose evolution and growth are inextricably linked to your own physical activity.

Image Post
GenoPets' NFTs (Source:

A Habitat is a home for a Genopet that unlocks advanced gameplay like a player's ability to earn KI Token for steps, create more Habitats, and craft other in-game NFTs like Augments, Nurture, and Battle Items. Genopets is a move-to-earn NFT game that makes it fun and rewarding to live an active lifestyle.


Relive your best childhood memories of raising your pets in GenoPets and earn money as you live your everyday active lifestyle. The Free-to-Play game which harnesses the Move-to-Earn concept is available for everybody to participate in the Genoverse now.

Take ownership of your GenoPets and Habitat NFTs and make passive income by renting your Habitat to other players. Download GenoPets now and start investing in your health and be financially rewarded in return today.

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