Learn how to play Genopets, a Move-To-Earn game that benefits your active lifestyle

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    Witty Elite Limited
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    British Virgin Islands
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Key Highlights

  • GenoPets is a Move-to-Earn mobile game that rewards your active lifestyle.
  • Create an account on the GenoPets website, and hatch your first GenoPet for free. Download the GenoPets mobile app on Apple App or Google Play Store to start moving and earning.
  • Level up your GenoPets in Free-to-Play mode by converting your banked daily steps into XPs to access new features and abilities.
  • Use your leveled-up GenoPets to engage in PvP multiplayer team battles and seasonal challenges.
  • Reward your GenoPets with a Habitat NFT to unlock the game's Move-to-Earn feature to convert your banked daily steps into $KI tokens.

Partners & Backers of GenoPets

  • Samsung NEXT
  • Konvoy Ventures
  • Alliance DAO
  • CMS Holdings
  • Pantera Capital
  • CMT Digital Ventures
  • Solana Ventures
  • Old Fashion Research
  • Valhalla Capital
  • Mechanism Capital

About GenoPets

GenoPets is putting a twist on the Play-to-Earn (P2E) online games as it presents a Move-to-Earn mechanic in the form of an NFT game much like STEPN. This game incentivizes players to be physically active to raise their digital pets and earn money as they improve their workout routines. GenoPets' creators first came out with this concept to help the global population particularly young millennials to live an active lifestyle during the COVID lockdown in 2020. The aim of the creators of GenoPets is to create a sustainable P2E NFT economy by providing a fun aspect for the game. The game aims to endow players with a sense of engagement, and eliminate the feeling that playing the game is a chore to be done in order to make money.