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Archloot uses the first-ever interactive NFT technology in the gaming industry. This Web 3 game features appealing and colorful graphics with several new exciting elements developed to add creative aspects to the game. What sets Archloot apart from other games is its immersive lore. The game features a rich backstory of a universe that players can uncover through in-game exploration. It provides a glimpse into the in-game world's history and the characters that inhabit it with a deeper sense of immersion into the game. By introducing a new UGC (User Generated Content) NFT Protocol that levels up Interactive Playability, Archloot creates a unique and distinctive atmosphere that sets the game apart from others in its genre. Archloot comes up with an engaging storyline with an adventurous journey experience and lets you own and monetize your virtual assets. Cutting a long story short, Archloot offers endless hours of excitement for players and an opportunity to reward themselves.

Key Highlights
  • Master the Game. An open-world adventure RPG set in the Master Island of ALTvers.
  • Create to Play with Functional UGCs. Unleash the creativity of your imagination through the generation of functional UGCs that can be used for in-game battles.
  • Loot to Earn Interactive NFTs. The game offers loot-style composability and playability that allows you to personalize and train different combinations of NFT body parts to exhibit different physical characteristics and abilities in battles against other native aggressive creatures.
  • Fight Battles to Harvest Resources to Build Bases. You would need to take part in battles against other players and unfriendly monsters to gather resources such as wood, stones and orbs which can be used to build buildings such as residence, food barn and dock that serve as your base.
  • Loot the Dungeon Bosses. Earn rewards by defeating the dungeon bosses before looting their dungeons of valuable treasure chests that include $ALG tokens.
How to play ArchLoot

From the get-go, your character is sent into an open world to explore, raid, battle, and upgrade to level up. As you do this, you would be immersed in the game's wonderful graphics that adds to the gameplay experience.

Define Thyself in ALTvers

The first step is to define your identity by choosing and customizing your avatar. There are two default avatars for you to choose from

1. Dummy-Ranged, a lovely baby dragon specialized in attacking ranged creatures with splashing damage.

2. Conchy-Melee, an insect-like creative who loves to live in caves and shadows with good close-range melee combat skills.

Your playable avatar in the game is a monster that comes in loot-style NFT parts. Your avatar monster in ArchLoot comprises five main parts, namely the torso, head, upper limb, lower limb, and accessory. Using these five parts, you can construct your monster in any way you want. Depending on the rarity of these body parts, they are further divided into four rarity categories, namely Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary.

Each body part may result in different characteristics and sizes that you can change as you wish. When attached to your monster's torso, some parts can introduce special skills in addition to their basic characteristics. For example, if you place a Gopher's legs on a Cat head torso, it will give your monster extra health and increase its defense attribute to +126. Each monster has an endless number of skills, but only three can be used during battles.

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Customize your Monster Avatar (Source:

When you are done with customizing your monster avatar, you will go through a tutorial phase by starting as an egg for your avatar. You will then be accompanied by an undying creature known as an informant who will guide you on the ABCs of the game. Once you have learnt the ropes of slaying monsters and looting dungeons, its time to get start your quest for survival in ALTvers.

Discover Functional Fruits and Training Fellow Monsters in ALTvers

In order to survive on this master island in ALTvers, you need to gather basic resources for shelter, food, and for battles against unfriendly species in order to survive. Only the fittest gets to survive to play another day. This planet's diversified weather and jagged landscapes allowed it to grow hundreds of life-saving functional fruits. However, several fruits' effects have yet to be experimented on the survivors.

There are also live some hard-to-find monsters that you can train in battles and personalize using different combinations of NFT body parts to exhibit different physical characteristics and abilities. These monsters carry out your commands in battles against other native aggressive creatures, including cranes, hyenas, shoebills, spiders, hedgehogs, boars, or the rare dragon. Go get them boy.

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Introducing the Game Universe (Source:

Taking on the Environment in ALTvers

In the game's PvE mode, you will be exploring and battling against different creatures to obtain resources from the environment using the PvE mode. This mode is the foundation of ArchLoot, where winning allows you to reap the rewards in the form of looting treasures, gaining experience points, crafting materials, and body parts NFTs.

An essential way to get rewards in abundance is through dungeon raids. There are 8 dungeons (Wet Plains, Fission Mountains, Ice Fields, Scorching Valley, Desert Ruins, Otherworld Portal, Mechanical Age and Ancient Tombs). These dungeons vary in terms of their climate conditions, species, plants, and geographical landscapes. You will have to collect a specific number of orbs in every dungeon to unlock and challenge the dungeon’s boss for battle.

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Taking Down a Dungeon Boss (Source:

You would have to defeat the boss of a dungeon before you can loot its valuable treasure chests. The rewards in these chest include $ALG tokens, which you can use to buy valuable in-game items like gears, materials, and battle resupply accessories. To spice things up, there are three additional event-based dungeons (Mystery Island, Tortuga and Demon King Challenge) that are open every now and then.

ArchLoot claimed that they would add more dungeons to the game in the future. It is worth noting that the rewards and challenges of different dungeons are variable. The more difficult the dungeon's challenges are, the more resources you can receive. In order to enter a dungeon, you need a ticket.

Players with monsters are given a free ticket every day. However, if you are looking to enter multiple dungeons daily, you can get tickets from the marketplace. A ticket to enter a dungeon offer a chance to take on its boss, and taking down the boss of a dungeon is a ticket to loot its treasure chest.

Taking on Other Players in ALTvers

In addition to the main PvE mode, ArchLoot also has PvP mode with solo or multiplayer formats. In the PvP mode, you will fight against other players using your customized weapons. These weapons are merely in-game items such as gears which can be used to attack an enemy from a distance. It deals damage to the enemies and automatically returns to you when the battle is over. You will be rewarded with ranking points and several upgrade materials upon winning. The shop in the arena allows you to buy weapons and other accessories that you can use in battles.

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Secondary Competitive PvP mode (Source:

The end-season rewards depend on the ranking points as well. You will get $ALT tokens at the end of the season based on your ranking points in the Leaderboard. The PVP battles can be played in 1v1, team battles, brawls, and other formats. In 1v1 battles, you will fight with matched active player in an online battle. Team battles are based on teams of players playing in 3v3 battles. Brawls include fighting alongside other players against a single enemy. The rewards for all these battles is in $ALG tokens and also Experience Points (XPs) that you would need to level up in the game.

Rising Up the Ranks in ALTvers

Levelling up is crucial in the ArchLoot as your level is directly associated with your avatar and its abilities. Higher levels in the game allow you to upgrade your avatar’s skills, ALT parts (the in-game name for the monster’s NFT body parts), and stats. You can use items to level up body parts of your monster to either increase their movement speed, healing ability, and attack damage. For example, when you equip your monster with a Cat Hindlimbs body part, you can boost its Penetration Ability by +142 and Attack by +129. Moreover, raising levels will unlock new abilities, skills, and rewards for your avatars. For completing quests like defeating a dungeon boss, you will need a body with attacking stats. On the other hand, for quests that involve finding materials, you need parts that help speed up your monster.

In ArchLoot, the leveling-up process involves gaining experience points (XP) by completing various tasks, such as defeating enemies, completing quests, and exploring new areas. By leveling up, you will encounter tougher challenges while engaging in more exciting and dynamic gameplay.

Building Your Base in ALTvers

ArchLoot is not just limited to fighting and exploring. You would also need to construct your base to train and upgrade your monsters, harvest resources, and defend yourself from enemy attacks. With more tribesmen, you can build more buildings in your base. You have to join a clan to build your base. You need to collect materials like wood, stones and orbs, to construct buildings. You can get these materials by exploring the map, completing quests, opening chests, and defeating enemies. When you have a sufficient amount of materials for a building, you can place it on your base. Your base buildings on the Master Island in ALTvers are as below.

  • Residence is mainly your home from where you can summon and reproduce new tribe members. The summoned tribe members are NPCs and cannot actively participate in your battles, but they can help craft and build your base resources. You can upgrade your residence level with materials that can expand the capacity of tribe members.

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Residence (Source:

  • Fruit Barn, is where functional fruits are produced continuously to feed the monsters and tribe members. These fruits can help you in battles and energize the tribe members to keep working. Upgrading the building can expand its storage capacity for fruits.

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Fruit Barn (Source:

  • Dock is your gateway to other map portals. You can teleport to any land you want to raid dungeons, fight battles, and explore in order to gather more resources.

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Dock (Source:

  • Palette is a building that allows you to change or customize your avatar. It will take you to an interface where you can change the colors, shapes, and tattoos and assemble different NFT parts to give your monster a new look. Special and rare parts would enable the unlocking of special skills for your monster.

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Palette (Source:

  • Elementium is a resource mining building of your base where all the essential resources are mined.

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Elementium (Source:

  • Arena building takes you to the PVP arena mode. You can challenge and defeat other players to earn great rewards and make it to the top of the leaderboard.

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Arena (Source:

  • Gene Lab, is a scientific research lab of your base where you can create, redesign, and reset your NFT parts. You can try different possibilities to unleash the best gene scheme of your monsters.

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Gene Lab (Source:

  • Garden is where your tribe's members plant seeds to grow into medicines and other useful grown plants. These plants can be used to make potions to increase your monsters’ health and attack damage.

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Garden (Source:

  • Blacksmith, is where you can upgrade and test the NFT parts you have. You can try different combinations and upgrades here to see the magic of these parts.

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Blacksmith (Source:

  • Alchemy, is where attack, defense, and poison potions are produced. Spells and potions are made magically from the plants gathered from the garden. Alchemy (Source:

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  • Guard Post, is a defensive guard post assigned to the tribe's men to protect your base from enemy invasions.

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Guard Post (Source:

Building and protecting your base is a crucial part of the gameplay experience in ArchLoot. The buildings in your base serve various purposes, such as providing resources, enhancing monsters, traveling through dungeons, and unlocking new features. So build smart to play hard.


ArchLoot features an intricate NFT mechanism through the use of ALT Parts. As previously mentioned, each monster can be equipped with 5 NFT ALT parts namely head, torso, upper limb, lower limb, and accessory. The unique aspect of the ArchLoot NFTs is the on-chain implementation of upgradeable NFTs. What this means is that, each NFT part in the monster body can be strengthened, redesigned, or upgraded separately.

This modular framework allows you to create or assemble your monsters using ALT Parts. These NFT Parts can be obtained from the ArchLoot marketplace. or from externally supported marketplaces like Binance NFT.


Although ArchLoot is still in its initial stages of development, the game has a clear roadmap that sets out what players can expect in time to come. The team of ArchLoot is working on bringing a new gaming ecosystem where players can have a balanced experience of playability, accessibility, and profitability. ArchLoot is currently in its stage 2.0 of its roadmap. In the second quarter of 2023, there will be some marketplace upgrades that involve the introduction of an UGC-NFT collection showcase room though no further details were provided about this room in the game's whitepaper.

With its great content, creative aspect, and innovative interactive NFT technology, Archloot's UGC-P2E ecosystem offers endless creativity for NFT monster creation and immense possibilities for in-game assets monetization.