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Key Highlights

  • Master the Game. An open-world adventure RPG set in the Master Island of ALTvers.
  • Create to Play with Functional UGCs. Unleash the creativity of your imagination through the generation of functional UGCs that can be used for in-game battles.
  • Loot to Earn Interactive NFTs. The game offers loot-style composability and playability that allows you to personalize and train different combinations of NFT body parts to exhibit different physical characteristics and abilities in battles against other native aggressive creatures.
  • Fight Battles to Harvest Resources to Build Bases. You would need to take part in battles against other players and unfriendly monsters to gather resources such as wood, stones and orbs which can be used to build buildings such as residence, food barn and dock that serve as your base.
  • Loot the Dungeon Bosses. Earn rewards by defeating the dungeon bosses before looting their dungeons of valuable treasure chests that include $ALG tokens.

Partners & Backers of ArchLoot

  • FBG Capital
  • Alphabit
  • YBB Foundation
  • Kryptos Media
  • Stratified Capital
  • Principle Ventures

About ArchLoot

Archloot uses the first-ever interactive NFT technology in the gaming industry. This Web 3 game features appealing and colorful graphics with several new exciting elements developed to add creative aspects to the game. What sets Archloot apart from other games is its immersive lore. The game features a rich backstory of a universe that players can uncover through in-game exploration. It provides a glimpse into the in-game world's history and the characters that inhabit it with a deeper sense of immersion into the game. By introducing a new UGC (User Generated Content) NFT Protocol that levels up Interactive Playability, Archloot creates a unique and distinctive atmosphere that sets the game apart from others in its genre. Archloot comes up with an engaging storyline with an adventurous journey experience and lets you own and monetize your virtual assets. Cutting a long story short, Archloot offers endless hours of excitement for players and an opportunity to reward themselves.