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Apeiron is a blockchain God game that brings out the best of strategic skills in every player. Inspired by other household names in the same genre, namely Populous, and Black and White, the innovative feature of Apeiron is that it combines blockchain with the strategy gameplay elements of God simulation battles, roguelikes, and massively multiplayer online. The blockchain-based features of the NFT God Game Apeiron allow you to take on the role of “Godling”, a newborn wandering God to guide your own Planet by ruling over using strategy and earn from. Planet is the primary NFT of Apeiron, and you will need to have at least one Planet to start playing God the game. Once you have acquired your Planet, you have the Godly option of initiating the Armageddon phase to earn Soul Gems and ANIMA tokens which is the Apeiron's Play-and-Earn token. Other NFTs in Apeiron are Stars, Relics and Apostles. Stars buff the aging process of your Planets. As for Relics, they offer you more strategy guide options through additional skill cards to use. Lastly, Apostles which can be acquired by playing the dungeons can be used to power up your Avatar.

As the God of your Planet in Apeiron's Godiverse, you will be tasked to guide your Planets and its denizens either with the strategy of benevolence or an iron fist. In the game's God simulation mode, you can grow abundant fields to keep your followers fed and happy or rain down fireballs to teach them a hard lesson. This groundbreaking God game let's you decide on how to rule and guide your Planet. Regardless of your choice of strategy, you would be uncovering the secrets of the game's Godiverse and challenging yourself with intense dungeons and unpredictable foes.

Key Highlights
  • Apeiron is a blockchain-based Play-and-Earn game that features God Game and RPG battle modes through which you can collect, trade, and battle with unique digital assets.
  • In Apeiron's God Game mode, you will rule over your Planet NFT to earn $ANIMA, the game's Play-and-Earn token.
  • Gather Dood Followers on your Planet and summon your Avatar to unlock Apeiron's RPG battle mode.
  • In RPG battle mode, fight through dungeons and build a team of Apostles NFT to complement your Avatar.
  • Take your powered-up Avatar to participate in PvP tournaments to earn $APEIROS, the governing token of Apeiron.
  • Apeiron is playable now via it's Seasonal Battle Demos.
How to play Apeiron

At the core of Apeiron’s gameplay are two key game modes that are interwoven together to create a unique gaming experience.

1. God Mode Game Simulation

The first core gameplay loop is the God-Simulation game. As the Wandering God, The player will rule over their own Planet filled with cute and mischievous creatures called Doods. With the help of your divine intervention, Doods can build their society, grow their population, and you can even shatter a mountain to provide more land for new settlements.

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Your community filled with Doods! (Source:

Your goal as the Planet’s God is to gain more Dood followers. To achieve this, you will go through 3 different phases while controlling your Planet.

  • Eden - This is the phase where you can perform miracles based on the elemental concentration of your Planet.
  • Alignment - The miracles made in Eden will determine your Alignment whether it is good or evil.
  • Armageddon - Phase where you can reset your in-game process. By doing so, you can earn Soul Gems and ANIMA tokens.


Image Post
These Doods needs YOU (Source:

Planets are the primary NFTs that will serve as your gateway to play the game. Each of these has a different elemental distribution with one open continent on the Planet that you can interact with.

Once you have your Planet, your Spirit Core will inhabit an EDEN - the mysterious structures dotting the surface of most planets. With the use of EDEN, you can perform miracles that are tied to the environment by the four elements to shape your world and interact with your Dood followers.

  • Water: Send rain to help the doods to grow their crops, trees, and fruits that will provide you wood and food.
  • Fire: Destroy things, throw fireballs if your doods disobey you.
  • Air: Send out tornadoes to blow things around and change your landscape.
  • Earth: Create rocks, sand, and lava.

Image Post
Planet and its corresponding Avatar (Source:


This is the phase where your miracles will determine your alignment either as a hero or a villain. You play God to influence their growth. If you answer the Doods with kindness, you will move towards the good, it will open up special skills, quests, and it will make your world aesthetically pleasing. However, if you punish the doods, this will shift the alignment to evil – it will make your world like hellscape but also comes with its own unique unlocks. Maximizing your alignment will unlock special items such as constructing Planetary Wonders and Unique Dood Heroes.

You should convert these Doods into your followers by meeting their demands and performing Miracles. Once you convert them as your followers, your EDEN will level up. The higher the level of EDEN, the more powerful miracles you can make (e.g air and water can create ice), and it will open additional continents with more Doods you can convert.


At every progress, there is a plateau – a stage where you have reached no change or development. Once you’ve hit that plateau, you can initiate Armageddon which can be done once per week per planet – this will reset your planet and it will generate a new fresh continent based on your planet’s element.

Once you have successfully initiated Armageddon, it will grant you Soul Gems that can be used to upgrade your Spirit Core, $ANIMA tokens and during this stage, you will be given a chance to convert your items into Relics.


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These are your in-game items converted into Relics (Source:

During resets, all of the items and objects such as Apostles, Equipment, Skill Cards, Cosmetics, Planetary Wonders that has been gained during developing your Planet will be lost. However, no one likes to lose in-game items, go back to zero and have nothing, right? So, this is where Relics come in.

All items that might be lost during a reset can be minted into a Relics NFT which will cost Apeiros ($APRS), the game’s governance token. As soon as you converted your item into Relics, you may want to use it in your next Planetary Cycle, move it to different planets, or sell it in the marketplace.

2. Action RPG

Once you have the enough Dood Followers, you may now Summon your Avatar; this is where the second game mode, the Action RPG will unlock.

What is an Avatar?

In the Action RPG game mode, the player takes full control of their Avatar in different battle modes like PvP in the Intergalactic Arena, PvE in Dungeons, GvE and GvG. The game's battle system is a variation of a card auto-battler. Once you have entered the battlefield, you’ll gain access to your Skill Cards from the Combat Deck which you can customize before every encounter. These cards are composed of different skills which will determine the flow and outcome of the game.

Your Avatar’s skills and abilities can be affected by the following 3 game mechanics:

  • Your Avatar’s class (Tank, Mage, Ranged DPS) heavily influences the type of skills available to you.
  • Your Planet’s Elemental Distribution. Higher concentration of specific Elements in your Planet will provide access to more powerful skills. Hence, planets with higher purity, 100% fire element for example, are much sought after and fetches higher value in the marketplace.
  • Relics will give you more Skill Cards to use. To get more Relics Skill Cards, you have to defeat the World Bosses or search for Relics in the Public Marketplace like Opensea.
How does combat work?

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Combat Battlefield (Source:

In the combat system, you will choose which Apostles you want to bring into combat. Each avatar has its own level, stats, and class which depends on your planet's element and how you developed the planet. If your Avatar's element is Fire, you may want to bring Apostles like the Bard, Mage, or Priest and if you have an Air element in your Avatar, you may need Warrior, Guardian, and Rogue that can act as your frontline support. However, you may come with your unique build, experimenting is part of the fun.

On the battlefield, you have to control your Avatar. Your Apostle Doods will operate like an auto battler and will act depending on their class actions. You will have a deck of skill cards shuffled from your Avatar’s and Apostle’s Skill Card pool, and each time you use one card, a new skill card will be drawn back into your deck. Each skill card will determine the flow of the battle – you may draw a spell or buff to shift the game in your favor. Skill Cards will also allow your Apostles to unleash their powers.


Every planet is associated with a dungeon that represents a corner of the Dirac Sea. By exploring the Dirac Sea, you can save some Dood Apostles and let them join your team. PvE will feature a variety of combat and puzzle games that will challenge the player’s game knowledge and strategic abilities.

Image Post
Doods Apostles (Source:

Aside from your Dungeons, you may also visit Manifold Paths of Dirac to explore the endless dungeons – the deeper you involve yourself, the better the rewards, but it comes with risk – you may die and lose the in-game items that was found during the run.

Aside from that, you may find Dungeon Worlds that contain additional lore or rare items. Completing the Dungeons will reward you $ANIMA.


The matches will be a 1v1 against another player and once you win the battle, you will be able to climb the galactic leader board. At the end of season, rewards will be distributed accordingly.

Along your journey in Dungeons, you may convert those rescued souls of Dood Apostle into NFTs, you can take them to the Hourglass Coliseum – the arena in which you will test their strength against other players.

Alliances, Esports, and Seasonal Content

You may want to consider joining an Alliance. This will allow you to have the support you need when you join Guild vs Guild battlers and join forces with other Godlings to defeat World Bosses. Defeating these bosses will unlock new Seasonal Content that comes with new Skill Cards, Apostles, Equipment, and Worlds to explore.


Planets NFTS are what you need for you to start playing Apeiron, and to get one you can hop on to the game's Marketplace or Opensea.

There are two categories of planets, Primeval Planets or Normal Planets.

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The Marketplace where you can buy your Planets (Source:

Primeval Core Planets are the genesis NFT, the very first generation of planets that all future planets will be born from. The Primeval planets are broken down into five tiers of rarity. From least to most rare, the rarities are Elemental Core, Mythic Core, Arcane Core, Divine Core and the Primal Core. Core types with high rarity will have more concentrated elemental distributions compared to their lesser siblings. You can expect a Primal Core to have the highest concentration of elemental distributions and therefore the strongest skills.

Each Primeval Planet NFT has its own Exordium tag to highlight that it was one of the very first Planets that comes into existence. In addition to this, each core has a small chance of getting a special "Primeval Legacy" trait. If this special trait is triggered, it will guarantee that your planet will not fall below the minimum threshold for the dominant element. This will be a very helpful tool for any players that would like to be a master planetary breeder!

Celestial Conjunction - in other words planetary breeding!

Image Post
Initiating Celestial Conjunction (Source:

To acquire more planets, you must perform Celestial Conjunction – the process where the planets take their elements and traits from both of the parent planets. Through this process, you will be able to make your perfect planet. To do this process, you must pay $APRS and $ANIMA, and each planet can only produce 3 planets. Planets born form Celestial Conjunction are considered normal Planets and does not have Exordium tag attached to them.

AvoTip! - When performing Celestial Conjunction, it is best to match the element of the two parent planets, a Dune should be paired with a Dune, a Foresty should be paired with Foresty. This will increase the possibility that the child planets will retain the parent’s elementary concentration and avoid further dilution in concentration. Remember, higher elemental concentration unlocks more powerful skills.

Also try to match the Avatar class of the parents to avoid the risk of receiving a generic, non-elemental skill. Match a Fate with a Fate!

Planetary aging

On the day your Planet is born, its age is set to 0, and it will increase by 1 every day - advancing to the next age group means unlocking more relic slots that will allow you to insert Relic NFTs.

However, it may take a long time from now until your planet reaches the next age tier and you may not want to wait too long.

Through Chronomerging, you can speed up your Planet's age. To do so, you may want to burn one planet to pass its age to your chosen Planet. This process will allow you to unlock more relic slots.

Another way of speeding up the Planet's aging is placing your Planet near Stars.

Image Post
Stars and Astronomicals (Source:

Stars NFTs- There are currently 11,498 stars in the Godiverse of Apeiron. Each star has one or more orbital tracks – in which you can take one of your planets and it will receive an aging boost from the Stars. As your planet ages, it will unlock more Relic Slots, which you can use to insert Relics to your planet which will allows you to power your EDEN and Avatar.

Owners can rent their tracks to other players with rental fees. Demand for these orbital tracks should be high as all players would want the aging buff from the stars.

  • Star Tabula Chests and Astronomical NFTs - special objects that orbit your Star and provide you with additional bonuses.

  • Alliances, Constellations, and Zodiac Buffs - The goal for your Alliance is to complete Constellations and activate Zodiac Buffs that will give a bigger aging boost, orbital tracks, and a high member cap.

Image Post
Alliance and Constellations (Source:

When you initiate Armageddon in Apeiron, you will be given a chance to convert your items and Apostles to Relics NFTs. To mint an object into a Relic NFT, you must spend $APRS. These NFTs can be installed in the Relic Slot of a Planet and activated in the new Planetary Cycle. Once activated, Relics will revert to their original form. If you wanted to use them again in future planetary cycles or sell them on the marketplace, you must convert them again into Relics.

Apostles NFTs are your in-game companions in Apeiron that can be acquired through playing the dungeons or purchasing it on Opensea. Each of these Apostles has their own stats, classes, weapons, special body parts, and skills. If you want to be more competitive in PvP, you may cast holy rituals to combine your Apostles, this process will give you a boosted apostle with better stats and a different skill deck.

In addition to this, you may lose your Apostles during the phase of Armageddon. However, you can save your apostle for the next eden phase by turning the apostles into a Relic NFT.


Rule your Planet, make decisions, and punish or give credits to your Doods, this is what Apeiron is about. As an NFT-based God Game, Apeiron players can govern every inch of their Planet while enjoying the game’s unique features alongside in-game earnings while using their governance tokens to participate in its two game modes, God Game Simulation and Action RPG.

The game itself offers unlimited freedom to players i.e. Godlings regarding how to run their Planets and its Doods. Apeiron stands out from other God Games with its cute yet magical creatures. So, let’s start playing God and rule your Planet.

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