BOSagora: Experience Censorship-Resistance Through Self-Evolving Tech by Staking BOA Tokens Now


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Key Highlights

  • Built on Smart Contracts and an integrated decision-making mechanism called Congress Network, the BOSagora platform is a decentralized self-evolving public blockchain platform.
  • Smart contracts on BOSagoraare protocol-based contracts that can be safely executed. The platform aims to provide developers with an effective, securely built smart contract engine as well as a popular, user-friendly, and simple-to-develop language.
  • Additionally, the BOSagora platform's Congress Network serves as the decision-making body for resolving governance concerns that arise in decentralized organizations. They seek to constantly build the community and software into a more anti-fragile environment through a well-defined and automated governance framework.
  • “One vote per node” is the guiding principle of the Congress Network. In other words, it encourages the DAO model, where all node administrators have an equal say in voting decisions without the need for delegate elections or voting rights delegation.

About BOSagora