Which Drago element is the best?

Dragos are dragon-like creatures that serve as your guardian and companions when playing League of Kingdoms. These Dragos can be used to unlock various content, such as the play-to-earn feature of the game, mining DSA which will give you Dragon Soul Amber – an in-game token, and providing buffs to kingdoms and troops, which give you an advantage in the game. 

What are the different elements of Drago, and what do they do?

Each Drago has seven body parts – horn, head, body, eyes, wings, legs, and tail. Each body part has its unique element, which can be Fire, Aqua Light, Terra, or Dark. These elements provide buffs while inside their lair or when rallying. 

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Which element is the strongest in the current LOK meta?

There are three types of troops you can train inside your Kingdom. These are Archers, Cavalry, and Infantry, which you can use in mining DSA mines, attacking kingdoms, or in CVC – an event of League of Kingdoms where you will face royal troops from other continents. 

Every troop in League of Kingdoms counters one another. For example, Archers are good against Cavalry, while Cavalry is good against Infantry and Infantry to Archer. This creates a dynamic where you must balance your army composition and strategically use different troop types depending on your game mode. 

Having mixed troops when defending gates during CVC is crucial for defense. That’s why Drago with Dark Element is helpful when defending these gates, as they provide buffs for all troops. 

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How much does it cost?

NFTs in League of Kingdoms are listed in 2 different blockchains: Polygon and Ethereum.

As of writing this forum post, the current floor price for Drago in Ethereum is 0.0704 ETH, while 66 MATIC on Polygon. 

Take note that there are two-tiered parts: Normal and Legendary Dragos. Therefore, the prices may vary depending on the tier.

Please note that the converted value of Tokens will depend on the Market. 

That’s why there is a rental function to address the concern of the costliness of buying an NFTs.

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Rental Function of NFTs in League of Kingdoms

The rental function of NFTs in the Web3 gaming ecosystem has been a unique feature.

In line with this trend, League of Kingdoms is adding this rental feature for Drago NFTs. This will allow gaming guilds or players to initiate rental contracts on the LOK webpage. They have launched a private rental feature for owners who will initiate the rental process. However, once they are confident with its rental functionality, they will release it publicly.

To engage with the rental process, you can follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the official webpage of League of Kingdoms and connect your wallet

  2. On the dropdown menu, go to My Drago

  3. Click the detail of the Drago you want to rent -> Click the “Rental Button” Take note that the owner can terminate the contract regardless of the rental duration.

  4. Sign the contract to initiate the rental process.

  5. Connect your wallet inside the game, and check if the rental contract is complete.

Or you may simply look for gaming guilds on LOK’s Discord server that offer to lend their Drago and just follow their rental process.

Adding a rental feature in League of Kingdoms will allow players to experience the gameplay benefits without the need for ownership. 

However, just like any rental process, it will come along with associated fees. In League of Kingdom’s case, the rental fee would be DSA you mined during the game.

To check the distribution ratio of DSA (For Renter)

  1. Go to My Drago page -> You will see the “Rental” label. 

To check the distribution ratio of DSA (For Borrower) 

2. Connect your wallet in-game and check your in-game inventory.

Also, you will not be able to breed, transfer, or burn once it is rented. 

Is it worth breeding and selling this Drago?

To start with, let us break down the breeding cost for Drago. Please note that the converted value of Tokens will depend on the Market. 

Each Drago can only be bred seven times, and it is possible to cross-breed Dragos with different elemental types.

The breeding fee for both 0/7 counts is 100 WLOKA ($37.93) and 500 Dragon Soul Tokens ($13.03) for a total of $50.96 breeding cost. 

Each breeding procedure will give the new Drago a 5% chance to be Legendary. However, breeding 2 Legendary Drago does not guarantee Legendary parts. Consequently, you can also get Legendary parts from Normal Dragos. 

Before breeding and selling, there are several factors to consider, such as the demand, rarity you will get, the potential profit from breeding, selling the offspring, and the potential cost of breeding multiple times for your desired offspring. Therefore, before deciding to breed and sell a Drago, it is important to do your research.

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Is it worth doing Chimeric Fusion at the moment?

Aside from Breeding, which gives you an offspring Drago, there is Chimeric Fusion – a way to strengthen your Drago and also a burning mechanism to control the supply of Drago in the market. 

Chimeric Fusion will require you to pay Drago’s Soul – which can acquire when you burn your Drago, which is your Drago and Dragon Soul Amber. Spending these will enhance your Drago’s stats. 

However, Chimeric Fusion may or may not succeed. 

If it succeeds, all stats will increase by a certain percentage. If it fails, you will earn Dragon Soul Amber instead.

Chimeric Fusion depends on your overall strategy and goals. If you want to dominate the game, Chimeric Fusion can help you to strengthen your Drago. However, it also involves some risk because it may fail. Hence, losing a Drago.

Overall, it is up to you to decide whether it is worth it or not. Deciding whether to do Chimeric Fusion should be based on your gaming strategies and risk tolerance. It is also important to keep in mind that there is a rental feature in League of Kingdoms – where you can freely choose the stats without sacrificing your assets, such as your Drago.