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What is new in Apeiron Battle Demo Season 2?

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Apeiron Dungeon Battle Demo Season 2 has been announced, and you can look forward to more dungeon looting this June. The biggest draw card for Apeiron Dungeon Battle Demo Season 2 will be the feature to mint your own Apostle NFT. Those who played Season 1 will remember these cute little Dood Apostles that helped you clear dungeon Depth 3 and defeat the game’s Big Bad Boss (if you defeated the Season 1 dungeon boss, remember to claim your Animus on the Market place!). In the new season, you can mint these Apostles into NFTs and keep them forever on the blockchain.

Apostles and You. So we've already gone over the Apeiron… | by Apeiron |  Apeironnft

How to get Mint Apostles

Minting your apostle starts with progressing through the game’s endless dungeon mode. During your dungeon clears, you will find Apostles to join your team. When you find an Apostle from the Priest, Hunter, and Warrior classes, you can save them in your reserve slot and mint it as an NFT at the end of the season. But there’s a catch, you start with only 1 reserve slot. So like in Pokémon, you must choose when and where to use your Master Ball. 

The choice comes down to the class and the Individual Variable. Each Apostle in Apeiron has a hidden stat called Individual Variable (IV) ranging from 0 to 100. Apostles with higher IV will have higher core stats such as health and attack. Therefore, you would want to save your reserve slot for the Apostle with the highest IV. 

During Season 2 of the Dungeon Battle Demo, you can mint from 3 available classes Priest, Hunter, and Warrior. Other classes, such as Rogue and Mage, will be available in future seasons of the game. My personal take would be Priest, as in my experience from Season 1, they are invaluable in all situations during the dungeon run of the game.

Apeiron: Take on the boss - Polemos

How to get more Reserved Slots

For many gamers, making in-game choices can be difficult, and if you want to mint an Apostle from all 3 available classes of Priest, Hunter, and Warrior, you will need to get more Reserve Slots. Planet NFT holders will unlock Additional Reserve Slots, or you can purchase additional slots with Animus Token. Some of you may have claimed 500 Animus from beating the big bad boss in the Season 1 Demo. Now is the time to use them! Animus can also be earned in the new season by activating battle passes to your game account. 

 During Apeiron Season 2 Dungeon Demo, you can mint up to 3 Apostles NFTs. So, I would recommend getting up to 3 reserve slots for each game account. If you have more Animus or Planet to unlock more slots, create a new game account to mint more Apostles.

Are the Apostles Free to Mint?

The cost of minting Apeiron Apostles are:

First Mint = 0.02wETH

Second Mint = 0.05wETH

Third Mint = 0.1wETH

To be Frank (pun intended), this is quite expensive for an average player. BUT you can earn up to 2 free mints.

The first free mint can be earned by playing the game and collecting the rare item “S2 Dood Halo.” To maximize your chance of finding the S2 Dood Halo, activate the Apeiron Battle Pass to unlock 1 hour of Booty Time. During Booty time, the S2 Dood Halo will have an increased drop rate during dungeon runs, and any Apostle found in-game during Booty time will have higher IVs. If you don’t find any Dood Halos from the dungeon run, Planet holders will get a free S2 Dood Halo at the end of the season.

Dood Halo.png

The second free mint can be earned by collecting the item “S2 Doodelic Wings”, which you can get by participating in Apeiron Discord community events, being a part of the season 1 Apeiron Guild War winning community or becoming get involved in Apeiron’s affiliated partner program. How this work still needs to be determined, but as soon as we find an optimized way to get these wings, we will share it here on the forum.

How to get access to Apeiron Dungeon Battle Demo Season 2?

If this all sounds exciting, you need to sign up for an Apeiron Market Account on the official marketplace website. Once you have an account, you can access the game download link when the season starts later in June. In season 2, you will not need to use the battle pass to unlock more game time. Game time is unlimited for all players. So grind the dungeons to your heart's content and find the best Apostles to mint!

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