Kyura posted a year ago
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There are several strategies that players can utilize. For Depth 1, i recommended to use "Zip Zap Orbs" skill from avatar, and increase the stats to maximize the damage output. It is important to ensure that skills hit all enemies in order to clear stages quickly.

Players have the option to restart battles if they are close to dying. This allows players to pause the battle and restart it, rather than starting over from the beginning of the depth. This can be a useful tactic to avoid losing progress in the dungeon. But keep in mind, don't restart too often, because time will still be counted. If you feel that the enemy is still too difficult, it's okay to let the avatar die and start from the beginning of the depths to level up.

For Guardians, the "Judgement Day" skill can be maximized by targeting multiple low health targets to maximize damage and bounce. And Rogue "Blade Breakdancing" skill is effective for taking down healers.

If there are many enemies present, it is recommended to use a mage due to their area damage skills. Mages can deal a significant amount of damage to multiple enemies at once, making them effective in situations with large groups of enemies.

Finally, for boss battles, it is recommended to use a combination of two guardians and two mages. It is also important to bring plenty of potions like "Sacrifice Potion" and "Poo Potion" to heal avatar and apostle