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SnakeChibi posted 2 months ago
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I never thought that playing Apeiron will bring such fun in the game. The game itself as a demo provides us such an strategic game that will bring out the best of strategic skills of every player, not to mention those cute voicelines coming from the doods are so adorable.

Anyway, upon playing the demo of Apeiron, i realized that in the start you have no doods to aid in your battle and as you progress to each and every dungeon you play that's where the doods or apostles will come as you com. Depth 1 of Apeiron is pretty easy, you can clear the dungeon without thinking too much how to clear the dungeons every game, Depth 2 however is where the challenge begins. Unlike Depth 1, Depth 2has boss at the last dungeon which if your not familiar with the boss and it's attack projectile, you'll definitely gonna lose the game and if your avatar died the game will restart at the beginning of Depth 2. But if you can managed to defeat it, you still have Depth 3 to deal, and Depth 3 is where the real challenge starts. Unlike Depth 2 where you can take it easy from the start up until the mid dungeons, Depth 3 is a total nightmare, you have to be on your game mode at the very first dungeon or else you'll be defeated easily, and also the boss is much harder to deal with this. Once you managed to clear Depth 3, the demo game will end and you will see your total clearing time in all of the Depths.

I did try playing the game a dozen times just to beat my own record, and as you play it repeatedly, you'll get used to the skills and better strategy. I managed to beat my record every single time i clear the demo game. Here are some few tips i can share with you in clearing the demo game fast.

- Be familiarized with the skills not only by your avatar but also your apostles
- Clear Depth 1 without even summoning 1 single Apostles (i know this may sound crazy, but depth 1 is pretty easy that you don't need an apostles to clear it)
- Maximize your mages AoE(Area of Effect) skills to for fast clearing of enemy apostles.

- Do dungeons in Depth 2 up until the boss and try to clear it in one swoop, if you think you can't win against the boss dungeon, purposely get defeated and restart all over again. The experience and levels you get throughout your whole dungeon run will not reset.
- But if you can do it in one run then it's much better.

Overall, Playing Apeiron is a really fun game, and i'm really looking forward for what the holds for us playing this game.

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