Reflective Writing

AG|Ren posted a year ago

Playing Apeiron has been an exciting experience so far. As a Rogue-like God game, it offers a lot of replayability and strategic depth. However, I couldn't help but notice that the opponents' healers seem to be too powerful and difficult to deal with.

As a player, I understand the importance of having challenging opponents that can keep the game interesting and engaging. However, the healers in Apeiron,most notably during the Speedrun event, seem to be too much of a hindrance, especially when facing them in groups. It can become frustrating when a well-executed skills are nullified by a single healer's healing abilities.

I believe that some form of nerfing is necessary to balance the gameplay and make the experience more enjoyable for players. A possible solution could be to reduce the amount of healing that the opponents' healers can provide, or to reduce the shields generated by them.

At the same time, it is important to recognize the developers' efforts in creating a challenging and rewarding game. Balancing gameplay is a delicate task that requires careful consideration, and it is ultimately up to the developers to decide how to adjust the game based on player feedback.

Overall, Apeiron is an excellent Rogue-like God game that offers a unique and engaging experience. While the opponents' healers can be a challenge to deal with, I believe that some balance changes could make the game even better.