Phases of GenoPets’ Roadmap

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GenoPets’ roadmap consists of three phases that would shape the game's future.

  • Phase 1 of GenoPets (Nurture and Evolve)

Phase 1 of GenoPets, which sets the foundation for the core component of the game, the digital companions, has been completed. Phase 1 of GenoPets started with a private beta to test the game's mechanics and engage with a select group of players. Participants of the beta test had the opportunity to acquire Genesis GenoPets and Habitats, summon and evolve Baby GenoPets, track steps using the GenoPets app, set goals, convert energy to XP, compete on the leaderboard, trade on the GenoPets Marketplace, stake $GENE tokens to earn $KI tokens, manage and terraform habitats, refine crystals, and obtain terraform seeds. Once the parameters for the growth and evolution of the digital companions in GenoPets had been set, the game started developing the battle mechanics and trading mechanisms for these companions. 

  • Phase 2 of GenoPets (Battle and NFT Marketplace)

Phase 2 of GenoPets, which is in progress as of May 2023, aims to expand the game’s player base by introducing interactive components to support the battle mechanics for the game’s digital companions. These components enhance the gameplay of GenoPets by allowing players to craft items, use power-ups, participate in nurture minigames like feeding, fetching, and petting. Some additional components include inviting friends using referral codes, complete challenges to earn achievements, customize and enhance GenoPets with augments through the augmentation process, engage in turn-based PVP minigames, and utilize advanced motion tracking and wearables. In addition to battle mechanics, Phase 2 also features the establishment of the GenoPets NFT marketplace, which facilitates the trading of in-game assets, setting the stage for the real-world integration of the game.

  • Phase 3 of GenoPets (Real World Integration)

Phase 3 of GenoPets is scheduled for release sometime in 2023 though the phase has yet to begin as of May. Phase 3 focuses on enabling the joint exploration of Genoverse. This phase will offer an open-world environment for GenoPets, a captivating story with quests, multiplayer and team competitions, in-app crafting and terraforming, integration with additional health sensors, and seasonal challenges to unlock augments to be used in the augmentation process. Upon the completion of Phase 3, by which time the gameplay components of GenoPets would be integrated with the real world, GenoPets would be a fully functional Web3 game, in both spirit and form.

GenoPets’ Community Sentiment on the Deliverables of the Game’s Roadmap

As of May 2023, Phase 1 of GenoPets’ roadmap has been fully completed, whereas Phase 2 of the game’s roadmap has been partially completed. Some of the components of Phase 2 of GenoPets which have been delivered are the gameplay components of crafting items, augmentation, power-ups, and referral codes. The GenoPets community has eagerly anticipated Phase 2 of the game’s roadmap. Still, the deliverables thus far have failed to live up to the hype resulting in mixed sentiments among the GenoPets’ community. Some notable grouses among the GenoPets community are that they find the game's current state somewhat boring. The general concern concerns the long wait for the delayed delivery of some of the components of Phase 2 of GenoPets. The delay is affecting the sentiment of the GenoPets community, which has been looking forward to particularly those enabling them to participate in challenges and turn-based PVP minigames instead of just walking around in circles. 

Some members of GenoPets also feel that the exchange of their steps for $KI tokens is not worthwhile, as the token's value has been decreasing, with limited functions available for it at the moment. However, in general, the majority of GenoPets’ community remains patient and optimistic, anticipating the full launch and the availability of all the planned features under the game’s roadmap, including some of the components of Phase 3. Some of the components in Phase 3 of GenoPets that the community is looking forward to are the Genoverse open world, team competitions, seasonal challenges, and integration with additional health sensors, which would enhance their enjoyment of the game. Fingers crossed, when GenoPets’ roadmap is fully delivered, the game will live up to its billing as “the world's first Free-to-Play, Move-to-Earn NFT mobile game.