Open Beta test Apr-May'23

Avocadian #11337 posted a year ago
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Avocadian #11337

AvocadoDAO had the privilege to play the beta version of Rebel Bots in April-May 2023.
Let's hear what our game testers have to say!

How much time per day did you spend on the game and how far did you get?

What are you thoughts on the general look and feel of Rebel Bots including the aspects of the game's  (1) background story i.e. its lore (2) graphics quality and sound effects and (3) gameplay modes and mechanics?

  • What are the game-changer elements of Rebel Bots including (1) what makes the game stand out? (2) what are the engaging elements of the game? and (3) how does the game keep players in a flow state?

  • What are the game-breaker elements of Rebel Bots including (1) what are some of the tips and tricks for newbies? (2) what are the key skills required to level up swiftly in the game? and (3) in general what are the strategies to ace the game?

  • What are the key takeaways from your experience of playing the Rebel Bots including (1) did you enjoy playing the game, and why? (2) what comments will you give to someone who is thinking of playing the game? and (3) what feedback will you give to the developers to improve the game?