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Taki posted a year ago
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S- I rank this character based on unbalance skills, damage, how easy to win this character like Goenitz, Orochi , K and Orochi Yashiro again this my tier list and it's up to you if you will follow this.
A- This are the characters are balance for me and balance skills, mechanics and it's up to you or what approach of gamplay you will use them defensive or offensive this guys are with both defense and offense gameplay.
B- Underrated characters in the game I often face them while I am playing but they have good skill sets also but they are underrated characters in the game.
C- They have good skills also but not heavy hitter.
D- This characters have bad skill sets, low damage especially athena she is used to be in A but they nerf her pretty hard to the point that she can deal damage if you will invest lots of mastery points to her. I don't see my self of using them for this tier the only usable for me is King but not heavy hitter and Athena.

Again this is just my opinion for the tier list based on my experience.

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