What is the difference between Character NFT and Genesis NFT in Last Remains?

Character NFT and Genesis NFTs, What's the difference?

Character NFTs
 offer a season-long pass lasting 60 days and can be acquired through minting or purchased and are of infinite supply. Within the game, These NFTs enable players to collect rewards from looting and redeeming battle pass rewards. The in-game rewards obtained can be transferred to the blockchain and traded on the marketplace, enhancing the game experience.

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On special occasions, players have the opportunity to obtain the rarest NFTs in Last Remains: the Genesis NFTs. These exclusive NFTs serve as lifetime game battle passes and are initially only available for purchase through the official mint but can later be bought and sold on other marketplaces. Possessing a Genesis NFT grants gamers numerous perks, including priority access to early game testing, the ability to utilize and monetize Last Remains intellectual property, lifetime access to earn and participate in any game season's battle passes, and discounted Guild creation for the season.

The Genesis Collection is subdivided into 3 tiers of “packs” with each tier consisting of better perks than of the last one. Take note that this is not a free mint, and each pack will cost either 80, 120, or 300 matic each. A notable perk ot this collection is the access for the mint of the “Genesis Equipment NFTs”

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It is also worth noting that both NFTs are eligible to participate in the “Search and Rescue Staking Game”

In the Last Remains game, Stake, Search, and Rescue game mode is an on-chain staking game in which NFT holders of a Character NFT and a minimum of 3 equipment NFTs can “stake” them to compete for in-game or token rewards (such as NFT skins and shards, in-game items, and the utility token, $ZT). The game is designed for players to explore and solve what equipment NFTs work best with their NFTs. Players can also combine equipped NFTs into a team of 3 which have synergies to explore as well. Every season of the game, there will be a specific combination of equipment(s) on a specific game Character which may or may not unlock bonuses that improve the performance of your team.

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The Purpose and Market for Last Remains NFTs:

The primary purpose of NFTs in the Last Remains game revolves around their role as battle passes. The Standard NFTs (that was a free mint) provide a 60-day game pass, while the Genesis collection (paid mint) offers a lifetime pass. By owning these NFTs, players unlock various perks, such as the ability to collect mintable in-game loot, including desirable skins and valuable shards.

While the NFTs are not yet integrated into the game, they are currently available for trading on reputable NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. Players can explore the Last Remains NFT collection, with the collection minted on the Polygon Chain. However, it's important to note that profiting solely from playing the game is not currently feasible, as the NFTs are not yet implemented in-game.

Acquiring Last Remains Genesis NFTs:

Players can obtain Genesis NFTs by securing Last Remains Whitelist spots, and minting it. Alternatively, interested individuals that might have missed the mint can obtain Last Remains NFTs on a marketplace such as Opensea.

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What can I do with the Last Remains NFTs now?

Last Remains’ Non-Genesis NFTs were minted last April 2023 (Free Mint), while the paid Genesis mint started on May 15, 2023, and is still currently ongoing at the time of writing. They are not implemented in the game yet so they can only be traded on NFT marketplaces at the moment