KOFA TIER LIST, you've practice hard but why you still can't win?

Avocadian #16862 posted a year ago
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S - let's be honest when you SEE THESE GUYS in a match up friendly fight/play2earn or Pay2earn more mode. It's like admitting defeat already. The Presence RESPECTFULLY they are giving off is totally INTIMIDATING come on hehe,The Pressure they give during the match, and the relentless skills they give off will play tricks on you making you commit more mistakes and doom! your shield bar breaks defeat!!. why? basically they have more below 8seconds skill cooldown with fast skill animation so the next skill will come next much faster than expected. Meaning more time for your skill fundamentals to control the game and win.


A - Slightly same as Tier S. These guys also give off frightening presence. They're the one's when you dash they can still hit you, a freaking PRESSURE cooker. Not just that they are equipped with a 1 or 2 grab skills. Interrupting their skills or normal attacks is somewhat difficult making them deserve this Tier.


B - PROJECTILE BREAKER meaning they can use skill and erase the approaching skills hence could make a good counter. Yup they can pressure you, any of these guys can go to Tier A but you can easily interrupt their skills or normal hits in between the animation. Again practice your fundamentals so you will know what i mean^^.


C - They are fast but predictable and you can just annoy them by sending out some long range skills and set up a trap when they made a dash.


D - Prone to getting trap by a grab. it's not totally predictable but the skill animation they have are slow.

I did used the template being provided by the link so those hero masteries are not mine though anyways thank you for the

set up.