KOF Arena Tierlist May 2023 [by BananaGoreng]

BananaGoreng posted 4m ago

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S Tier

Probably the most annoying hero to fight against, it teleports away. He also has instant cast-duration ranged attack which makes him probably the most OP hero, especially with the heavy animations that could make your opponent (or even yourself) lag. Not sure why he hasn't been nerfed yet though(?)

He is an inferior version of Goenitz, slower animations and fewer combos. If you play Orochi against Goenitz, you'll find yourself lagging behind if your strategy is a mere teleport + thunder. Perhaps the only silver lining is its amazing ultimate skill :)

Orochi Yashiro
God of grappling. Not too good with this hero myself but of all annoying grapple fighters, he's probably the best one you can find. Keep your distance from Orochi Yashiro or you'll find yourself kissing the ground throughout the fight.

A/B Tier

Basically most of these are Grapple heroes as Grappling seems to be one of the overall safest playstyle.
Some of them are heroes that I personally like, with chase skills like Dash Strikes

C/D Tier

Put them here because I'm not too good with these heroes. Heh