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SnakeChibi posted a year ago
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I remember the fir's time i played Fatal Fury in an arcade game box at our place using a 1 Peso coin. Tha's is where i first encounter Terry Bogard, the main protagonist of the said game. Then a few months later after that. I saw the first KoF game, i think it was The King of Fighters '94. That was also the first time i saw a 3 v 3 player for a fighting game, usually it's opnly 1 on 1. From way back then up until now, i've been a fan of KoF, and now playing KoF Arena to earn tokens to convert with real money only make it more fun to play. But also, there are some disandvatages, whales can upgrade their fighting mastery to a certain character or hero they use to own the game, imagine playing a role playing game where your character deals minimal damage and the boss deals a ton of damage to your :D. Also there are some instances that when players like me played on phone, a certain character *cough* Goenitz *cough*, causes lag in the game. Despite this, it's certailnly fun playing KoF again, i really missed playing fighting games ever since te pandemic era and KoF Arena provide that for me.