King of Fighters ARENA

LUNA posted 6m ago
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In King of Fighters ARENA, the top 3 most preferred fighters in high ELO , Iori Yagami, and Leona Heidern. To counter Kyo, you can use fighters with long-range attacks and good zoning abilities, such as Mai Shiranui or Terry Bogard, or fighters with good defensive capabilities like Rugal Bernstein or Athena Asamiya. To counter Iori, you can use defensive fighters with good crowd control abilities, such as Mature or Vice, or fighters with high mobility and strong combos like Kula Diamond or Benimaru Nikaido. To counter Leona, you can use fighters with strong offensive capabilities, such as Kim Kaphwan or Yuri Sakazaki, or fighters with long-range attacks like Mai Shiranui or Angel. Remember, these are just suggestions and it's important to experiment with different fighters and strategies to find what works best for you.