Is Last Remains Free-To-Play?

nuwel posted a year ago

Is the Last Remains free to play?

Yes, Last Remains (zombie stealth meets battle royale)  will be available for free-to-play players. There will be Free to play characters, but loot/rewards will be limited to being soulbound, which means it is not transferable or cannot be sold. Nonetheless having a free-to-play mode unlocks access for both web2 and web3 players to enjoy the zombie thrill of Last Remains.

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What are the prerequisites to get started?

In Last Remains, Free to play players won't need to set up a wallet and can just play as if it were a traditional game. On the other hand, if you have the Character NFTs, or plan to have them, you will need to have a Crypto wallet like Metamask to obtain and hold these NFTs 

What advantage do Character NFT purchasers have over free-to-play players?

Free-to-play players are limited to playing the game similar to how they would a web2 game, with limited to no on-chain rewards. On the other hand, NFT owners have the ability to enjoy and win rewards such as NFT skins while playing the game. These NFTs can then be used for staking(for a chance to get the Zombie utility token $ZT or NFT Skins)  or sold on an NFT marketplace. 

Can free-to-play players be competitive and enjoy? 

Yes, Last Remains is more of a game of skills and tactics, so Free to play players can still remain competitive and enjoy the game. Also, players can enjoy the game by building guilds and joining an alliance. But take note that Skins and character NFTs are not just only cosmetics in the game, they have an in-game impact too such as in stats like better parkour skills, Professions, etc. 

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