Is Fancy Birds free-to-play?

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Is the game Free-to-Play, or will the game be Free-to-Play?

The game Fancy Birds is Free-to-Play and can be played without any investment. However, you will not be able to earn rewards like $FNC tokens, which are the native token of the game. Your poor bird also won’t be able to participate in other game modes, such as F-Ray mode and Tournaments. Even though the game is free-to-play, only holders will benefit from earning $FNC tokens, playing other game modes, and participating in and competing against other players in seasonal tournaments.

Are there any pre-requisite to playing the game, such as a MetaMask wallet, etc?

If you are a Free-to-Play user and want to play the game for fun and compete against other players, you can fly your poor bird and play the game anytime you like. You may access the game from any browser through their website and play it, or you can also download the game on your mobile phone, play it on their mobile website, and start letting your poor bird into the sky and begin your journey.

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However, if you are a Fancy Birds NFT holder and want to earn $FNC tokens while playing the game, you will need a wallet such as MetaMask to connect to use your Fancy Birds NFT in the game. 

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What advantage do Pay-to-Play or NFT purchasers have over Free-to-Play users?

The biggest advantage of Fancy Birds NFT holders is the game's rewards. You can only earn their $FNC tokens by playing and using your NFT as you play the game. But to do this, you will need Fancy Seeds. You can still play the game without Fancy Seeds, but you won’t be able to earn $FNC tokens. You can buy the Fancy Seeds from the Fancy Marketplace, which cost 0.50 USDC. The fancy seed effect may differ for each bird type. 

  • Genesis Birds will get energy for nine days at the cost of 1 seed.

  • Season 1 Bird will get energy for seven days at the cost of 1 seed.

  • Season 2 Birds will get energy for five days at the cost of 1 seed.

  • Season 3 Birds will get energy for five days at the cost of 1 seed.

So keep your birds fed and earn $FNC from quests.

 By being a holder in the game, you can play in F-Ray mode by acquiring additional goggles from the Fancy Marketplace to earn more rewards. You may also get a chance to get a Golden Raffle ticket which will entitle you to participate in the game’s Golden Raffle and win prizes like crafting materials, F-Ray NFTs like Memory Card and Magic Potion, and 1.50, 5.00, or 250.00 USDCs. The more Golden Raffle tickets you have, the higher your chances of winning prizes, especially that rare 250 USDC. You may also be able to compete against other players in the seasonal Fancy Birds tournaments, which offer more rewards such as $FNC tokens, USDC tokens, in-game items, and more, depending on the tournament format, game mechanics, and prize pool.

$FNC tokens are the rewards you will get for playing Fancy Birds. These tokens can be utilized in many different ways, and here are some of them:

Earning. Each time you play the game with your NFT, you can earn $FNC tokens by completing daily and weekly quests.

Breeding. $FNC tokens can also be used as a mode of payment when breeding.

Staking. You can also stake your $FNC tokens to receive $FNC token rewards.

Tournaments. You can participate in the game’s exclusive seasonal tournament by paying $FNC tokens as an entry fee.

Renting. You can also use your $FNC tokens to rent Fancy Bird's NFT.

NFT holders will get more rewards by utilizing their $FNC tokens for staking, renting, or participating in tournaments. Well, you can’t do anything aside from playing the normal game mode just for fun if you don’t have an NFT to play the game.

Can Free-to-Play users be competitive or enjoy the game?

In terms of game competitiveness, you will still enjoy the game and be competitive against other players, especially Fancy Birds NFT holders, because these NFTs do not give any bonus stats or skills they can use in the game. So even if you are playing with just a non-NFT Fancy Bird, you can still let it fly, keep it floating, and have the same difficulty as both you, as a Free-to-Play user, and other players who hold an NFT. The game is also fun and very addicting to play. You might find yourself having trouble when trying the game for the first time, but as you play the game continuously, you will find yourself getting better and better at taking control of your poor little bird and gaining distance more and more. Then you will find the game enjoyable and entertaining, and you might need to catch up on time while playing it. If you loved the game Flappy Birds before, then surely you will enjoy this one too.