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Illuvium Arena: Easy? or Hard to Master?

SnakeChibi posted 2 months ago
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Having a chance to play the "the most anticipated game" at least for me personally, since way back 2021 gets me excited especially Illuvium Arena, where strategy makes a difference. Illuvium Arena is an auto - battler game like Dota Underlords, Magic chess and TFT where the right synergies, affinities and positioning will make or break your ways to win.

Upon playing the game, i listed some of the things i like and dislike about the game and here are some few of them.

  • Stunning visuals

  • Good sound effects

  • The attack animations was superb

  • Strategic decisions to make every player think like Master Strategist

  • Added time for each and every wave to not feel time pressure

  • Positioning and Synergy wise tactical strategy to win waves

  • Easy to understand skills from illuvials despite having more than 100 to learn

  • Augment system mechanic added more strategic approach

  • Hyper Mode system to really feel that you made the right choice

What i didn't like:

  • No tutorials for beginners

  • Heavily relied in good graphics making the game unplayable in low specs PC

  • Too many complicated synergies and affinities

  • Sometimes a certain bug appears in Mid game (e.g. some illuvials not activating their omega skills depsite having a full energy)

  • Players with not enough knowledge in auto battler games will be at disadvantage and i think its hard for beginners to digest complexity of the game.

Overall, the game itself is fun to play and i really enjoyed playing it. I got attached into it and wanted to play more, but unfortunately, my potato laptop can't handle the graphics required to play the game for long and will automatically force the game to crash when i reached wave 15 and up.

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