How to play the Rebel Bots Open Beta?

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Rebel Bots - Xoil Wars is currently in the Beta Testing phase, which means you will have access to play the game at a very early stage and earn rewards by participating! 

The Rebel Bots - Xoil Wars Beta Testing will have 2 seasons, lasting 3 weeks each, where you can battle and climb on the leaderboard for 50,000 $RBLS!

In addition to this, you can also earn $XOIL, which you can use to mint your Rebel Bots NFTs. 

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To start playing the Rebel Bots - Xoil Wars Beta Season 2, you must do the following steps:

  1. Go to the Rebel Bots - Xoil Wars website, and register for the Xoil Wars Beta Registration.

  2. Choose the platform where you want to play Rebel Bots - Xoil Wars. Right now, it is available on Windows, Mac, and Android.

  3. Connect your registered wallet from step 1 on the Polygon testnet to start playing. 

How to connect MetaMask Wallet on Polygon Testnet

  • Open MetaMask

  • Tap Network -> Select “Add Network.” 

  • Insert the RPC Details: 

Network Name: Mumbai Testnet


Chain ID: 80001

Currency Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL:

  • Click “save” and select this Network in your MetaMask wallet.

4. Download the Rebel Bots’ game client, and log in.

How to play the Rebel Bots - Xoil Wars?

During the Rebel Bots - Xoil Wars Beta, you will be given 6 random Fighting Bots with different abilities. However, you can only choose 3 Fighting Bots in each battle. 

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To begin a battle, you can click on the “Fight button” and select the 3 Fighting Bots you want to use. Once the match starts, use your Figthing Bots’ cards to defeat other fighters’ robots. The goal in this game is to destroy all your opponent’s Fighting Bots.

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Each Fighting Bot has a 1000/100 charge that you can use for battle. If a Fighting Bot is defeated in a battle, its charge will deplete, and if the charge reaches 0, you will not be able to use it for battle unless recharged with Spark or XOIL, an in-game resource you can get from winning PvP. 

Take note, if you fail to recharge your Fighting Bot, there will be a destruction countdown timer which will ultimately destroy the Fighting Bot. 

Rebel Bots on Different Devices

To check if the Beta Version of Rebel Bots is available for your device, visit the website and download the game with your desired platform. 

  1.  Ensure that your device meets the minimum system requirements for the game.

  • Windows: must have Core i5 or similar, 4GB RAM

  • Mac: must have Core i5 or similar, 4GB RAM

  • Android: must have Android version 7.0

  • iOS: will be available after the Beta Testing

Once you have downloaded the game client of Rebel Bots, you may now proceed to log in

Steps for logging in on a mobile device: 

  1. Launch the Rebel Bots’ game client

  2. Select Log In

  3. MetaMask wallet will pop up asking you to sign

  4. Sign and Log In to Xoil Wars 

Steps for logging in on a computer or laptop device: 

  1. Open the MetaMask app on your phone

  2. Launch the Rebel Bots - Xoil Wars application on your computer or laptop

  3. Scan the QR code shown on the screen using the MetaMask App QR code scanner

  4. Sign the request from MetaMask

    To access the game, you must be registered for the Xoil Wars Beta Registration and connect your registered wallet on Polygon Testnet. You must complete these steps. Otherwise, you will receive an error message upon logging in to the game. 

Do I need NFTs to start playing?

No. In Rebel Bot Beta Testing, you will be given 6 random Fighting Bots to use for battle. 

What are things available to do during the Beta?

During the Beta Testing, you can participate in various activities and features of the game, including:

  1. As an early player of this Rebel Bots, you can test and provide feedback on the gameplay mechanics and fighting mechanics and even share your strategies for playing the game.

  2. You can battle and climb your way to the Rebel Bots’ leaderboards. You can participate in PvP battles and win $RBLS rewards for being a top player.

  3. You can earn $XOIL when playing multiplayer battles.

  4.  During the Rebel Bots Beta Testing, you can also mint your own Rebel Bot NFTs using $XOIL and sell them on the market. This allows you to own and trade Rebel Bots’ NFTs. 

  5. You can also collect and test different Fighting Bots, which will allow you to determine which type of Fighting Bots will best suit your gameplay strategy.

Are there any earnings or rewards for playing the Rebel Bots Beta?

Yes, there are earnings and rewards available for playing the Beta Testing. You can earn $RBLS by climbing the leaderboard and $XOIL for playing multiplayer battles, which you can use to mint Rebel Bots - Xoil Wars NFTs and sell them on the market. However, the exact earnings and rewards may vary depending on your game performance. The Rebel Bot Beta Leaderboard can be found in-game. Please take note that Rebel Bots is still in Beta Testing. Hence, any progress from this phase will not count after Beta Testing.

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