How to play The Killbox

The Killbox Game is a new first-person Shoot-to-Earn game with a tradeable NFT Weapons system. Killbox is different from other FPS games because the game has 360-degree arena combat with virtual reality (VR) capabilities, giving you a new playing experience. The game is available on Google Play, App Store, and Steam. 

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To Start Playing 

  1. Choose a game mode. There are five game modes, Sniper, Head-to-Head, Bio Mode, Team Deathmatch, and Run 'N' Gun Mode. 

  1. Choose your weapons. Weapons are NFTs that you can obtain by opening chests or collecting shards from combat.

  1. Create your elite squad. Teamwork is essential in the game, so create a squad of players you can communicate effectively with.

  2. Navigate the maps. The maps in-game are complex and offer a variety of strategic opportunities. Use your knowledge of the maps to your advantage and position yourself in the best possible spot to take down your enemies.

  1. Shoot your enemies. The ultimate goal of this game is to eliminate your opponents. Use your weapons and skills to take them down quickly and efficiently.

As Killbox is a FPS game, you should experience playing this game to learn and analyze it continuously.

For the exciting part, let us break down the game mechanics of this game. 

Like any FPS game, prepare yourself for heart-pounding action in Killbox that will test your shooting skills and tactical strategies. You can choose different game modes from Sniper, Head-to-Head, Bio Mode, Team DeathMatch, and Run ''N'' Gun Mode, featuring weekly challenges, ranking matches, and giveaway events. Each mode has its unique objective and gameplay.

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Main Objective of the game 

The main objective is to eliminate your opponent by shooting them precisely and quickly. The game features a variety of maps, each with its unique layout and strategic opportunities. Navigate through complex maps, strategically position yourself, and take down your enemies in elite competitions to obtain rewards.

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Weapons are NFTs that you can obtain by opening chests that will give you new or higher weapons stats or collect shards from combats. However, just like NFTs, the quantity of NFT weapons is limited and will be seasonal, making their NFT unique. 

Each weapon has characteristics and attributes that will give you a customizable experience tailored to your play style. What makes this game more exciting is that this game is Free-to-Play, where you can have your default weapon.

Now that you have a weapon, what’s next? 

Create your elite squad, coordinate with your team to outwit and outmaneuver the enemy team. Utilize tactical communication, coordinate your movement, and execute strategic maneuvers. Remember, team composition is an iterative process. Experiment with different strategies, adapt the meta in this game, and refine your team based on your play style.

FPS game requires time to build that skill to shoot enemies precisely. As a gamer new to this FPS game, you should continuously experience playing this game to learn and analyze the choices that will help you build stronger teams and improve your chances of winning.