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How to convert Genopets energy to KI in the game?

Natsu posted 11 days ago
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  1. You can simply go to the official game website, and click “Sign In” in the upper right corner to access the game.

  2. You will be redirected to Genopets game login page just like the image below. Click on “Login with wallet” to proceed.

  3. Then you can select one of the wallet options to login. If you are confused which wallet you want to pick, you can select Phantom wallet. You can download the Phantom wallet extension here

  4. After successfully logging in, you will see the game interface as shown in the picture below.

  5. Navigate to the “Habitats” menu within the game website interface and choose “Harvesting”. In this menu, you will see your Habitat’s information such as harvest efficiency, your habitat’s level, etc. Go click the “Harvest KI” button.
    Note: In the provided example, the "scholarship" system displays the percentage you receive and reveals the wallet of the landlord if the habitat belongs to someone else in the game.

  6. After you click the “Harvest KI” button, you will see this respective page. You can choose your “Withdrawal Time” between 7 days, 10 days, and 14 days. More days you choose, the less energy needed to convert the same amount of KI. This is the same as a “Vesting” system where you need to wait a certain amount of time before you can claim your KI token. You can also choose how much energy you want to use on this page. Then you can click “Harvest KI” on the bottom side of the page. To complete this action, you need some SOL token as a gas fee.

  7. If you have completed the harvest, you will see an announcement saying “KI Harvested” just like this image below. To see how many days left before claiming your KI token, you can go to the left side and will see a small menu, click on the “Pending Items” button.

  8. You will be directed to the “Pending Items” page and you can choose “Harvest” then you will see the details of your pending harvest. After the wait time is over, you can go back to this page again and click Harvest KI. You will see your KI token on your wallet as soon as the claim is successful.

How often can I convert GenoPets in-game currency to on-chain tokens in the game?

When it comes to converting Genopets in-game currency to on-chain tokens like KI in the game, the harvesting and crystal limits of your Habitat are refreshed every 24 hours. You can convert your GenoPets in-game currency to on-chain tokens once a day, at the designated time when the timer resets in the game.

Are there any other uses for GenoPets in-game currency that I should consider before converting to on-chain tokens?

Certainly! Before converting your GenoPets in-game currency to on-chain tokens, there are a few other options you should consider for utilizing your diligently-earned Energy:

  • Perform Nurture actions: Engage in activities like Feeding, Grooming, and Playing with your Genopets to enhance their well-being and progress in the game.

  • Level up: Convert Energy into XP to level up and unlock new features and abilities in GenoPets.

  • Harvest KI: Utilize your Habitat to convert Energy into KI tokens, allowing you to earn and accumulate valuable assets.

  • Alchemize (Craft) items and augments: Use Energy to create items and augments, which can be valuable assets in the form of KI.

  • Perform battle actions: Engage in battles and use Energy strategically to gain an advantage in the Move-To-Earn game.

Consider these options and decide which ones align with your gameplay goals before converting your earned through effort in-game currency to on-chain tokens.

Are there any reasons to hold the in-game currency instead of converting in this Move-To-Earn game?

Keeping hold of GenoPets currency, known as "Energy," can bring several benefits and strategic opportunities for players. Energy is a valuable resource that can be strategically allocated to enhance your gameplay experience. By managing your hard-earned Energy effectively, you can make calculated decisions such as saving it for your GenoPetsupgrades or maximizing step potential. Holding onto the in-game currency provides flexibility and allows you to plan and strategize your progression in the game more effectively, ultimately leading to increased earnings.

Do you have any tips on min-maxing the amount of GenoPets token yield when converting?

To maximize the number of KI tokens you earn when converting, consider the following tip:

On the Harvest KI page, you will find options for withdrawal time: 7 days, 10 days, and 14 days. To optimize your token yield, select the 14-day withdrawal option. This choice allows you to earn the same amount of Energy into KI tokens while requiring less energy overall. By opting for the longer withdrawal time, you can save more energy for future use and maximize your hard-earned token rewards.

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