How jarpix Done all Depth

Jarpix posted a year ago
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Depth 1
- only use avatar, spamm the damage skils and always make sure its can hitt all enemy at one time

- starting build ur team
- take assasin when u see healer at enemy team
- always focus to take down healer first or u will got bleeding so much
- take as much crystal as posible to bug poison at shop
-the bosses u can beat till their hp to 1/2 and then its will be cutscenes ( this my game play if u want know it
- make sure u done depth 2 with one try

- lvling ur avatar up
- buy avatar poison and team poison
- i thing u will take 2/3 times to make ur account ready for depth boss
- recomended to bring 2 tank and 2 magic coz that 2 the most use for me when beating up boss

based on my experience:
im joining the leaderboard last time and i got one foone emblem airdrop as leaderboard reaward, so far this game pretty fun to play enjoy!!