How Illuvium Works: Illuvial, Illuvitar, Arena And Land

nuwel posted 6m ago

Illuvium is a game with three different gameplay battle modes: Illuvium Arena, Overworld, and Zero. These modes are connected to each other through shared NFTs and in-game currencies. Illuvium Zero is a base building game where players can extract resources to capture Illuvials in Illuvium Overworld, which can then be used in battles in Illuvium Arena. Illuvium offers three gameplay battle modes, which are in testing phases as of February 2023: Illuvium Arena, Illuvium Overworld, and Illuvium Zero. Illuvium Arena has three sub-game modes, including Survival Arena, Ascendant Arena, and Leviathan Arena. Illuvium Overworld allows players to travel across the vast landscape in search of rare and powerful Illuvials. Illuvium Zero allows players to develop and manage their own Land plots, building and upgrading structures and facilities to extract valuable resources and generate rare blueprints for new skins. The resources extracted and blueprints generated from Illuvium Zero can be used to create NFT skins in both Illuvium Overworld and Illuvium Arena.

Meanwhile, Illuvitars are NFTs which take the form of configurable avatars that can be used as personal profile pictures (PFPs) in the Illuvium universe.