How do I buy Land and buildings in Meta World: My City?

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You can buy Land and buildings from the Trading center, Auction, or Real estate draw event.

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After acquiring the Real Estate, what can I do with them, inside and outside of Meta World: My City?
Inside Meta World: My City, you can use the Real Estate to earn either Crystals (or earn Metacash for Crystals
if you’ve reached A-Investor Grade).

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You can use them to either upgrade your characters through gacha, upgrade your real estate, repair them, or buy another real estate. With MetaCash, you can convert it to FIAT or Crystals, and buy other real estate too!

Outside the game, you can sell your minted 7⭐ real estate in the Marketplace, also don’t forget to repair your real estate ^^

Is there any gameplay released revolving around the Real estate on Meta World: My City?
Gameplay wise, there aren’t any revolving around Real estate at the moment. However, you can upgrade characters or
roll for new characters from the Crystals or MetaCash you earnt from your Real Estate!

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Is there staking available for the Real estate in Meta World: My City, if yes, what is the reward?
As for now there isn’t any staking system for land in Meta World: My City, but you can stake the token using MBX wallets
if there's any staking pool available.

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