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Any beginner player in Gods Unchained can do with some guidance on how to build the best deck to start their leveling-up progression in the game. The first step to doing so is by understanding the meta tier list as well as the various components of the deck, such as domain types, playstyles, and meta cards. As we’re into the Band Of the Wolf expansion currently, It’s no surprise that the Gods Unchained meta is changing over time with new card sets & expansion being available

Building a strong deck is one part of the winning equation, with players having to choose from one of the six  domains (War, Light, Nature, Deception, Magic, Death), it's important to understand the current win-rate of each of the domains in this current season. 

Looking at the Win rate of all six domains in Gods Unchained, War has the highest average win rate (52.7%) across all other domains, followed by the Death domain (50.4%). On the lower end, Magic (48.7%) & Deception (48.9%) have the lowest win rate. Based on the win rate, Aggression playstyles are the stronger meta now, followed by Control and Combo in descending order.  Considering that the range of wins is close, with a range of 3.8%, the developers have done a good job closing the gap between domains. War stands out with a higher win rate, as it is versatile, and players can play a War Aggro deck or a War control deck.
This aligns with the Gods Unchained safe zone classified by the developers, who have set an ideal “safe zone” of win rates between 48% and 52%. This safe zone aids them when balancing the game, using the various tools at their disposal. On the opposite end of the scale in the “Overpowered/Dead” classification, an overpowered deck has an ideal 75% win rate. A “dead” deck has a win rate of 25%, and with these thresholds in mind, it allows for control on Overpowered decks to ensure that these decks are still counterable.

(Aggro)Playstyle: In Gods Unchained,  an aggression playstyle - Aggro for short, relies heavily on gaining cards with smaller Mana cost fast, dealing as much damage as they possibly can rapidly. But if a player chooses an  Aggro deck and lets the game drag on longer than it should, they’ll have cards that are now suited for longer gameplay (Higher mana cards that are more powerful).

Control Playstyle: A Control playstyle, as its name suggests, hinges on controlling gameplay by being efficient, with the deck built around the idea of removing an opponent's card aggressively and drawing the game out to then deploy stronger cards. But a control playstyle might run into issues if a player cannot effectively remove an opponent's card, causing them to take more damage and lose before they can deploy stronger cards. Popular control decks include the War Mythic Deck.

Combo Playstyle: A combo playstyle lengthens the gameplay for the user to play out a combo(A set of moves that work in synergy with one another). The combo will allow the user to win the game if done well.
But combo playstyles run into the risk of not getting a good draw, especially since cards drawn by default are random. They might not get to see their combos c, come to fruition.

Different Gods can work together with different playstyles. For example, the trending beginner-friendly deck seems to be a War & Aggro deck. In the war deck, a mix of creatures and relics is used. Relics are used to clear opponents' creatures or damage the opponent's Gods, while the War cards focus on damaging the opponents' Gods purely. This example of War & Aggro is one of many different play styles God unchained players can utilize.

Meta Cards - In Gods Unchained, Considering that each deck can only have 1 Legendary card, we can take a peek into the legendary top decks & the single choice of meta cards players currently use. The Top 5 Cards consist of cards from the Neutral & War domain. Neutral card domains can be slotted into any deck as a domain does not confine them. Outside of Neutral card types, it seems that War and light are the more popular choice of Gods.

(Rank 1 Legendary): Deuteria, Manashared Mage - Is the Number 1 choice in this current Gods Unchained Meta, as its battle cry allows players to add a Young Manabon to their deck, which upon summoning, allows them to get a Heptaria in their deck. Allowing the player to get three extra cards for one to summon, plus additional cards at the cost of 1 mana each, makes it a less cost-intensive card suiting all playstyles, especially on an Aggro deck. 

(Rank 2 Legendary): Serris, Arbiter of the Trial - This is the Number two choice, as it is a late-game card with the summon cost getting cheaper the more damage your hero takes. In addition, the card allows players to heal their heroes to 10 Health through its Roar Ability. 

With this information in mind, the data given is a good stepping stone to understanding and working around the current meta, crafting strategies that can help work with or counter the current meta.

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