Fancy Birds: A Game Where You Fly Far or Flop Hard 

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What is the Fancy Birds game about?

The Web3 game Fancy Birds NFT, created by Fancy Studios, is an awesome, fun, and addicting game that combines Play-to-Earn and NFT mechanisms. These birds can fly, but they need your help. You may acquire $FNC tokens if you’re an NFT holder as a reward for your efforts in playing the game. To advance through the game's stages and win points, you must guide birds around obstacles and avoid those pesky trees. You may also breed Fancy Birds NFTs to play the game and gain awesome rewards. These NFTs are randomly created and have special characteristics and looks but not additional stats that may affect the game.

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Unlike other NFT games on PC, the Fancy Birds game is great because it can be played on browsers or mobile devices. Although the game is Free-to-Play, you cannot earn $FNC tokens without holding an NFT to play the game. But if you want only to play the game for fun and try it first, you may do so. Beware not to get addicted, though. You may also purchase or rent Fancy Birds NFTs to use in the game from the Fancy marketplace or secondary NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.

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There are also two games aside from the side-scrolling Fancy Birds. These are Fancy Birds: Sky Wars and Fancy Hop. Each game within the Fancy Games ecosystem offers unique gameplay mechanics, allowing you to experience different challenges and objectives. From casual flying and dodging in Fancy Birds to skill-based shooting in Sky Wars and the platform-hopping action in Fancy Hop, you have various gameplay options to explore and enjoy.

Understanding the Basic Game Mechanics 

Fancy Birds NFTs core gameplay concepts involve directing birds through stages while avoiding obstacles, especially those annoying trees. To score points, you must guide your poor bird over numerous obstacles in this side-scrolling arcade game. You must touch the screen or use the spacebar to keep your poor bird in the air and defy gravity in the game as the screen moves automatically from left to right. A point is awarded for each obstacle avoided; if you crash on those obstacles, it will force you to start the game again. If you’re an NFT holder, all points you got from the previous game run will be rewarded. By completing daily and weekly missions in the game, you may acquire $FNC tokens and other rewards depending on how far your bird can go in the game. 

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Fancy Birds: Sky Wars is the PvP version of the game. You must command your birds as they engage in furious aerial battles to eliminate enemies while dodging incoming fire, using various tactics to outwit opponents, and firing precisely to take them out. 

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On the other hand, Fancy Hop is a new platformer-hopping game in which you control your bird as it hops on the platform. The goal is to jump and climb as high as you can to get on the leaderboard and get rewards. Both games can be played for free or with NFT. 

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Building a Strong Deck/Team

Since Fancy Birds is a side-scrolling arcade game, you don’t need mighty boosted fancy birds to play the game. Fancy Birds is not a game where you need to have NFTs to play and compete. You only need to keep your bird in the sky by tapping your phone's screen (don’t break it) and hitting the spacebar while avoiding those annoying obstacles in the game. NFT holders will not get any advantage in playing the game besides the $FNC token rewards they will get. So even if you are playing the game just for fun, both you and NFT holders will face the same wrath and difficulty of the game.

Identifying Win Conditions

If you decide to let your birds fly as a Free-to-Play user or an NFT holder and get frustrated because you can’t get far, you may wonder, “I am trying my best, but my birds still died after passing the 3rd obstacle.”. Well, here are some tips to improve your game. 

Practice makes perfect. If you are new to the game, you’ll get frustrated in the first few rounds you play and might give up easily and quit the game permanently. But don’t give up yet. Everything needs to start from scratch, and by continuously playing the game, you’ll get used to it and finally let your birds play the game properly. 

Timing is everything. Since Fancy Birds is a side-scrolling game that requires navigating through obstacles, Improve your timing to navigate tight spaces between obstacles and prevent crashing through those annoying obstacles in the game.

Get your glasses on. Now, this is crucial. You want to learn everything you can about the game, not only the gameplay mechanics themselves but, most importantly, the Fancy birds you’re controlling to play the game. Learn how high the birds ascend with every tap or hit of the spacebar. Is it different with every tap you do? If you tap or hit the spacebar longer, will your birds ascend even higher? This method will help you get familiar with the game, and you might as well get far and be competitive against other players, especially those who hold NFT Birds.

Game Face Mode ON. Now it’s time to test everything you have learned in the game. This should be a test for yourself. Treat the game like you treat your enemies. Whenever you score high with your birds or far distance in the game, try to beat your record and keep doing this. You will find yourself immersed with your birds in the game, and you might even lose track of time while playing the game. 

If you are ready for a competition, join and compete in their Season-only Leaderboard and Tournament Leaderboard. In Season-only Leaderboard, you will play the game until the end of the season and try to be at the top of the leaderboards. At the end of the season, both the tournament and normal modes that you play will determine your ranking in the leaderboard, and you will receive rewards according to the placement of your ranking. The tournament has its leader aside from the Season-only Leaderboard, and this is where participants will need to play to receive rewards based on the ranking of their place in the leaderboard until the Tournament ends.  

Fancy Birds is a fun and addicting game with enjoyable and challenging gameplay at the same time. If you liked Flappy Birds before, this game is definitely for you. You can try the game for free and then decide if you want to invest in the game and buy some Fancy Birds NFTs to play and earn while enjoying the game.