Do you need a Land NFT to play Illuvium?

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Players will need a piece of Land NFT to play Illuvium: Zero, a base-building game where you control your own industrial complex. Owning a land in the game will provide you several benefits such as Fuel Earnings and Blueprint Generation. However, it is not as much needed in a free-to-play game mode such as Illuvium: Overworld and Survival Arena, where players can enjoy the game without Land NFT.

How to acquire land & structure in the game.

The first Illuvium Land Sale concluded in June of 2022, however there are plans for subsequent sales in the near future. In the meantime, an alternative way to acquire Land NFT in-game is through purchasing it from Illuvidex, game official marketplace.

Here are the step by step guide:

Create a MetaMask account wallet on Ethereum if you don't have one.

  1. Load your MetaMask wallet on Ethereum (Layer 1) with enough ETH or sILV2 to cover the cost of your Land purchase(s) plus the Ethereum gas fee for each transaction.

  2. Visit the Illuvidex, Illuvium official marketplace. Connect > Get Started.

  3. Connect your Metamask.

  4. Sign to give access to Immutable X. Then, Sign signature request.

  5. Set up Immutable X Key and sign a signature request. IMX Setup complete.

  6. Select your correct account and Connect with Metamask to the Illuvidex. Now that it is connected, you are ready to browse and choose what land you would like to purchase.

What can you currently do with Illuvium Land?

Illuvium Land is the NFT that unlocks the production and earning of more NFTs and Tokens by playing Illuvium: Zero. Players who play Illuvium with an associated land NFT, can earn residual income that will further compensate them for their time and work.

Tier 1-5 Land can be used by players to collect Fuel, which is a part of the game economy and can be exchanged for ETH. Fuel is used by players as in-game currency to build advanced constructions. The Illuvium Overworld and Arena will be tied to the fuel that a player can extract from land.

There are 5 tiers of Land in total:

  • Tier affects the number of Element and Fuel Sites and the Landmarks available. 

  • Element Sites Elements are used to construct Structures in Illuvium: Zero and power activities like extracting Fuel. 

  • Fuel Sites Fuel is used for constructing Advanced Structures and can be sold for ETH

  • Landmarks Available on Tier 3–5 Lands

    Higher-level Land tiers are rarer and have a more significant number of Resource Sites. As a result, the amount of Fuel and Elements produced by the Sites on the plot increases with each Tier above Tier 1. The Production Boost increases as the tier level increases as well.

Are there any gameplay released revolving around the land?

Players owning a Land NFT will be able to play Illuvium: Zero, a mobile and desktop companion game where you develop and manage your Land plots and build a digital industrial complex. 

The most benefit from managing your land can be obtained in a little amount of time per day. The majority of players only opt to play for a few minutes per day, but some may play for hours. You can earn more money the more skilled you are.

However, free-to-play players will also be able to enjoy the game with the free land NFT and learn how the game works. But, free-to-play players may not be able to extract fuels and produce NFTs and other in-game resources. Therefore, as the players experience how the game works and know that they can increase their revenue through Illuvium:Zero, they may decide if they want to consider putting an investment in purchasing the Land NFT and continue to enjoy farming great rewards.

Illuvium: Zero play-to-earn Mechanics:

Profits are generated by extracting fuel and selling it to gamers across all Illuvium games. To maximize your profits, you may choose to sell your Fuel on the IlluviDex while demand is high. To create rare Blueprints (NFTs) for new skins, scan your land for illuvial biodata and conduct research. On the IlluviDex, blueprints may be traded for ETH or used for crafting.

Is there Illuvium Land staking?

The only mechanics connected with owning a land is Illuvium:Zero, which will allow the players to generate residual income by managing their Land plots and building a digital industrial complex. Therefore, players can extract fuel and other resources that they can sell in the Illuvidex for ETH. 

However, Illuvium has its own staking platform, $ILV token holders will be able to stake their tokens and earn rewards from the network.In the platform, you can stake tokens and receive rewards of $ILV or $sILV2 and view vesting rewards and deposits. To know more about $ILV staking please visit this website:

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