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Difference between Veteran Pass and Pristine Fleet Mint Pass

Larc posted 2 months ago
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  • A complete set of redeemed NFT banners grants the Veteran Fleet Pass for the in-game Veteran Fleet generative Starfighter Strike.

  • A complete set of untraded NFT posters is eligible for the Pristine Fleet MintPass, which features the Pristine Fleet Generative Starfighter Attack in-game.

The Pristine Fleet Generative Starfighter and Veteran Fleet Generative Starfighter provide the following bonuses:

Your chance to produce an ultra rare Gen.0 Starfighter with free lifetime insurance

- 25% off insurance for generic Gen.1 Starfighters,

- 5% Bonus to Fusion Focus

- Starfighter Unique Starter Weapon (Collection Exclusive)

- Exclusive Starfighter Ultimate Move (Collection Exclusive)

- Unique Starfighter Theme (exclusive to the collection)

- Access to owning a first class player hangar

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