Defina: How to play Defina?

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What is Defina?

Defina is a decentralized finance gacha game built on the binance chain, allowing you as the player to monetize your in-game assets. In Defina, you can buy Mystery Boxes to mint your first Hero NFT and trade it in the decentralized marketplace. Explore various gameplay such as Adventure (PVE), Nightmare City (PVE), Arena Mode (PVP), and Guild Wars to level up your heroes, build teams and earn $FINA token - the in-game currency of Defina. In this guide, we will take a quick look at how to get started with Defina.

Understanding the basic Defina gameplay

Before we go into the different game modes in Defina, let’s talk about the Hero NFT because you will need at least 4 different Hero NFTs to start playing Defina. You can get them either through Mystery Boxes or buy from the in-game decentralized marketplace ( using $FINA tokens. Opening a mystery box in Defina will grant you one Hero NFT.

There are a total of 28 Hero NFTs in Defina. Hero NFTs come in different rarities (X>SSS+>SSS>SS+>SS>S+>S>A>B). The stats for the heroes are Basic Attack, Health, Speed and Critical Chance, with each of them having a unique attack skill in Basic Attack, Skill Attack, Hyper Attack, and Passive Attack. Basic Attacks restore 30 energy when used, while Skill Attacks consume 50 energy. There’s a 10% chance for Skill Attacks to turn into Hyper Attacks.  

Upon minting, a random element will be assigned to the Defina Hero NFT. The elements are wind, water, fire, lightning, earth. Each element has an advantage over another element (you can refer to the image below). So this is one aspect to take into consideration when forming your team. 

Not to forget, Hero NFTs in Defina have their own faction as well. The 4 factions are Prometheus Fire, Ouroboros, Thoth's Book, Athena's Aegis. We will cover more about the implications of the faction later on in the team building guide.

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Hero NFT Elements (Source: Defina Whitepaper)

Now that you know the basic knowledge of Hero NFTs, let’s zoom in to the different gameplay in Defina. In Defina, you can complete daily and weekly missions such as winning 10 times in Adventure, winning 2 times in Arena, etc. to collect EXP potions and treasure chest that could be advantageous for you in the game.

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Defina Daily Mission (Source: Defina Medium)

Let’s fight some battle in Defina to complete your daily and weekly missions. First gameplay you can try is Adventure (PVE) mode. This is where you fight computer-controlled mobs to unlock different areas on the map. Earn EXP potion and treasure chests from winning and do not worry, you will not lose EXP from losing a battle. 

Getting used to Adventure mode and want to challenge yourself? Try out Nightmare City (PVE) mode in Defina where you land on different stages on the map. The 4 stages you can land on are Monster, Chest, Heal and Shop. In monster stages, you have to fight against Vrykos and your heroes do not heal after a battle. In Heal stages, you can choose to heal 1 hero. Chest stages reward you with random items. Shop stages are where you can buy discounted rare items using $FINA tokens.

Stamina is required to play PVE mode in Defina. You need to spend 1 stamina to play one PVE battle. The amount of Stamina you have depends on the number of Hero NFTs you own in Defina.

4 to 7 Hero NFTs - 20 Stamina

8 to 16 Hero NFTs - 40 Stamina

17 or more Hero NFTs - 60 Stamina

Let’s say you buy 4 Hero NFTs. You will have 20 Stamina and can only play 20 stages in Defina Adventure Mode. After which, you will have to wait till the next day before you can start playing again; after your Stamina resets. Alternatively, you can buy more Stamina from the in-game decentralized Defina marketplace using $FINA tokens. 

Getting bored playing against the computer? You can play against your peers under Defina Arena (PVP) mode. Upon entering the Arena for the first time, your initial MMR is 1000. Before entering a challenge, you need to set up an attack and a defense team. In attack mode, you have to search for a match manually. In defense mode, the match will automatically play when another player’s team attacks you. You can use the same heroes for both your attack and defense team.

The system will match you against a player with similar MMR which is relatively fair. Your MMR is affected by your match result. So, if you win, your MMR will increase. If you lose, your MMR decreases.. The higher the NFT rarity ranking, the greater the prize pool and you can’t just enter any arena. You can find the breakdown of the Arena bracket system below. And, there’s a leaderboard for Arena Mode. So climb up the leaderboard and get rewarded with $FINA tokens!

X Arena: anyone can join

SSS Arena: open 2 A, S, S+, SS SS+, SSS

SS Arena: open to A, S, S+, SS

S Arena: open to A, S

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Arena Mode (Source: Defina Whitepaper)

Guide to building a Defina strong team

Now it’s time for you to build your team of heroes. As mentioned earlier, you need to buy 4 Heroes to start playing Defina. Having heroes from similar factions or elements will give you bonus combat power (which we will cover in this forum thread). Next, position your heroes according to their unique basic attacks, skill attacks and stats. There are 6 positions to fill up, 3 in front and 3 at the back. So if you have 4 Heroes, you can position 2 in front and 2 at the back.

Example Team 1: Fire, x3 Thoth Book Heroes

Frontline - Akechi and Patton

Backline - Homer and Nightingale

With this team, Akechi and Homer will do the most damage to your opponent. Patton will tank incoming attacks. Nightingale provides sustainability to your battle. 

The main element of this team is Fire, which gives the team an 8% attack increase. The 3 Thoth Book Heroes raised the critical strike chance of all heroes by 30%

Example Team 2: Lightning, x2 Athena’s Aegis Heroes

Frontline: Patton and Zorro
Backline: Erwin and Hanzo

This is a team focusing on defense. Patton and Zorro tank damage while Erwin and Hanzo attack.

Example Team 3: Wind, x3 Ouroboros Heroes

Frontline: Nicolaus, Hasan and Zorro
Backline: Erwin (Behind Zorro)

This team focuses on attack. Nicolaus will do AOE damage, which eats into the enemy's health slowly throughout the battle. Hasan and Erwin will do single target damage while Zorro tanks damage for Erwin.

 Main element is Wind, which gives the team speed increase by 30. And, with 3 Ouroboros Heroes, all heroes receive 30 energy when an ally dies.

Guide to Identifying Win Conditions in Defina

  1. Team Formation. Form a team taking into consideration the Hero NFTs’ stats, skill attacks, elements and faction. Remember that Heroes of the same elements and faction will boost your team’s combat power. You can choose to have an attack-centric, defense-centric or balanced team. Experiment with different formations and see which one suits your gameplay.

  2. Level up your Heroes. At the start of playing Defina, focus on familiarizing yourself with the gameplay. Clear stages in Adventure (PVE) mode, gain EXP and items to level up your Hero NFTs before attempting Nightmare City and Arena (PVP) mode.