Deadrop Snapshot VI Update is Now Live!

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What is Deadrop Snapshot VI?

Deadrop Snapshot VI is the sixth reveal update of the Midnight Society’s game Deadrop. They promise every three months that they will provide an update for the community to try before applying the updates to the game. Every snapshot event allows the players, especially those who hold the Deadrop Founder’s Pass and Deadrop Tower keys, to experience the newly revealed updates and give feedback to the developers about the newly revealed updates before applying the update to the game Deadrop.


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What are the current updates in Snapshot VI?

There were many updates shown in the Deadrop Snapshot VI event last July, and here are some of the revealed updates:

The Cleaners: There is a newly revealed PvE element in Deadrop that is a non-playable character (NPC) called “Cleaners”. The cleaners are, from the word itself, “cleaners” in the game. Their main goal is to loot the bags and dispose of the body in some mysterious way. They are not dangerous if you're far away from them, but they will attack you if you get too close to them or try to shoot them. The cleaners are a three-man team consisting of a scout, who is the first to arrive whenever there is a dead body. A Harvester gets the loot bag and disposes of the dead body. And a Guard, which protects the Harvester. You can decide if you want to engage and kill the cleaners to get the loot bag, or you can just leave them be. With these new additions to Deadrop, players can expect a wider variety of ways to play the Deadrop game.

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The Vendor: This is where you can buy, sell, and insure your items before heading into the Deadrop game. You can see the Vendor tab in your lobby beside the Loadout tab. Once you are in the vendor, you can choose to buy certain items by paying DUST (we will talk about this later). There are many items you can buy, and there is a time when the vendor refreshes the items you can buy. You can also sell the items that you loot in the game and exchange them for DUST. And finally, you can insure your items in the game so that you won’t lose them even if you die in the game. Just go to the Tag tab, click the item you want to insure, and pay a certain amount of DUST to insure your item. You can get the tagged item in the Found tab if you died or lost the item in the previous match.

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Dust is an in-game currency in the game Deadrop. It cannot be purchased with real money and can only be obtained by selling your loot to the vendor. Dust can be used to buy and insure items from the vendor.

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Squads - Tired of playing alone? Don’t worry because Deadrop finally introduces the squads in the game to play with your friends. You can team up with other players for a maximum of 3 members for each squad. They also added a Push-to-talk to your teammate instead of using the proximity talk to avoid giving your locations. You can also follow the player that you want to team with in the future and the search function to invite the player to your squad.

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Ping System: The team also added a ping system to Deadrop to quickly locate the enemies, locations, and loot in the game. This will help you and your teammate to quickly know the exact location of the target or even loot bags. You can tap the mouse wheel once for locations, and twice to pinpoint enemy positions. And tap and hold for items, bags, and other pings.  

Proving Ground 2 - Deadrop also added a newly revealed map in Proving Ground 2. This new map has a similarity with Deadrop Sector 3 but introduces plenty of tight spaces that will result in close-quarter fights. You will also experience the first passable and intractable doors and windows. Mastering these new maps will take more than a few Deadrop games or runs and with the addition of squads, this will be more exciting and entertaining than ever before. 

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New Items - Of course, there will be newly revealed items in Deadrop especially this snapshot VI. There are three new items that you can use in the game and these are: 

  • Frag Grenade: Simple yet very effective grenade that deals a lot of damage to its blast radius.

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  • Adrenaline Spray: a new consumable item that when used grants you extra movement speed and damage mitigation for a short duration allowing you to escape in a tight spot and possibly survive in Deadrop. 

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  • Zipline Thrusters: Zipline can now be used in both directions. Meaning you can use Zipline Thrusters to traverse the zipline from below to above. This also benefits you when stuck in Deadrops Rising Freeze and wanted to get out immediately or you want to loot the bag in Rising Freeze without worrying about getting out. 

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  • Healing Kit - Unlike Bandages which only provides +20 HP, this new Deadrop item will give you +50 HP.

Is the update already live? 

Deadrop Snapshot VI updates are now live. You and other players can now experience the newly revealed updates in the game Deadrop like facing the Cleaners, buying, selling, and insuring items in Vendor, experiencing the new map called Proving Ground 2, and using new in-game items like frag grenade, zipline thrusters, adrenaline spray, and healing kits.

What can we expect in future updates?

Midnight Society’s Deadrop team is very transparent in terms of upcoming events and updates. Although they don’t spill the updates completely, they are always teasing something in regard to the upcoming updates. The only confirmed to look forward to for now is the Snapshot VII event which will happen on October 20, 2023, in Las Vegas. Other than that you should also follow their Deadrop Discord account to get a live update every time they held an AMA. 

With these newly revealed updates, Deadrop once again is getting bigger and bigger. This update broke the current meta from snapshot  V which was mastered by many players. And with the upcoming next Deadrop snapshot event, expect the game to have another huge update that will continue to get bigger before the full launch of the game. Midnight Society’s promise that Deadrop will be a community-driven game is so far doing very well. It’s so much better to have a frequent update in which players can try out the game, instead of waiting for so long.